Storing and shipping your products is a huge logistical challenge for growing ecommerce businesses. You spend valuable time and precious resources just getting packages to your customer’s door, when you should be focusing on driving growth.

ShipBob is a modern 3PL that can take storage and shipping off your hands, so you can ship cheaper and grow faster. With ShipBob’s distributed inventory model, you don’t need a Houston-based fulfillment center. Instead, you can locate your products closer to your customers by storing them at multiple fulfillment centers across the country. This reduces shipping costs and transit times.

ShipBob’s technology takes care of the rest. After you integrate your ecommerce platform with ShipBob, automatically push orders to the fulfillment center and manage your orders and inventory. Offering same-, next-, and two-day shipping is easier and more affordable than ever with ShipBob.

“Before ShipBob, we used a fulfillment center that frankly couldn’t scale with us. Since moving to ShipBob we’ve grown 30% year over year, which is a testament to their scalability, service, and technology. I feel really fortunate to have found ShipBob when we did.”

Carl Protsch, Cofounder of FLEO

What is a 3PL?

Ecommerce businesses typically don’t have the expertise, manpower, infrastructure, or resources to master fulfillment themselves. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers solve these problems for businesses by handling distribution, storage, and ecommerce fulfillment. A 3PL can help you:

  • Free up time for other tasks
  • Provide the infrastructure and fulfillment centers without you needing to invest large dollars
  • Offer cheaper, faster shipping and inventory control
  • Improve conversions and reduce cart abandonment
  • Scale more efficiently and keep up with increasing order volume

However, not all 3PLs are created alike. ShipBob’s distributed inventory model, proprietary technology, and fulfillment services can provide Houston-based businesses with uniquely efficient full-stack fulfillment.

What is distributed inventory?

When you keep all of your inventory in one place, your fulfillment costs and transit times increase as your customer base spreads across the country. Offering the affordable, quick shipping that customers expect becomes more costly and burdensome as a result.

Distributed inventory solves this problem by storing your inventory in multiple fulfillment centers across the country, instead of one fulfillment center in Houston. Products are stored near your customers, which lowers delivery costs and transit times, and can even increase average order value and sales by offering affordable 2-day shipping.

How ShipBob ecommerce order fulfillment works for Houston brands

Here’s how ShipBob’s model works:

  • Sync your ecommerce platform with our technology, so ShipBob is notified automatically when your customers place an order.
  • Send us your products to our fulfillment centers and we securely store them.
  • The order is routed to the optimal fulfillment center to be picked, packed, and shipped.
  • You can monitor each stage of the fulfillment process from your ShipBob dashboard, and get instant help from onsite customer support reps.

Storage and inventory management

No more boxes piling up and mismatched inventory counts. Store your products with ShipBob and get comprehensive oversight of your inventory. Keep track of inventory levels you have on hand, and get automatically notified when you need to reorder.

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ShipBob prepares, packages, and ships products to your customers. Standard packaging materials are included at no additional cost, and you can even use your own custom-designed packaging to provide a branded unboxing experience.

More on pick/pack/ship

Same, next, and two-day shipping

Offer your customers same-, next-, and two-day shipping at an affordable margin with ShipBob’s distributed inventory model and far-reaching coverage across the United States.

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Customer support

Responsive customer support gives you even more control and oversight of the fulfillment process. Dedicated support reps provide immediate answers to your questions.

ShipBob’s Help Center

How ShipBob can grow your Houston-based ecommerce business

Shipping can be a lever of growth for your business, rather than a bottleneck. ShipBob’s technology and infrastructure optimizes fulfillment so your shipping costs will go down, your delivery times will speed up, and you will convert at a higher rate.

Centralize and analyze your data

Syncing ShipBob with your ecommerce platform puts your most critical data in one easily accessible place. You can see which products are selling best, analyze buying patterns, forecast inventory, and distribute your inventory strategically.

Increase AOV and reduce cart abandonment

Sticker shock from high shipping costs is one of the main reasons that ecommerce customers abandon their shopping carts. Using multiple fulfillment centers lets you offer low-cost two-day shipping, which means fewer abandoned carts and higher AOV.

Conserve manpower

Outsourcing fulfillment lets you target your manpower and resources more efficiently. You can save money and time, and focus on the most important parts of your business.

Grow faster with integrations

Enrich each part of the ecommerce process with integrations to accelerate growth. Connect ShipBob to your ecommerce platforms:

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • And more!

Shipping platforms:

  • ShipStation
  • Freightos
  • And more!

And crowdfunding platforms:

  • Kickstarter
  • Indiegogo
  • BackerKit
  • And more

Explore ShipBob’s full partner ecosystem, which covers everything from custom branded packaging and marketing services to inventory management and tax tools.

Success stories

ShipBob fulfills countless orders daily and has helped thousands of businesses increase their conversions, revenue, and overall growth. Here are a few of our success stories.

FLEO Shorts

Sportswear brand FLEO Shorts rolls out multiple new products and designs each month, so they needed a 3PL that made adding SKUs and restocking inventory simple. ShipBob’s platform connected seamlessly with FLEO’s Shopify Plus store and gave them the flexibility to manage their inventory virtually. Since partnering with ShipBob they have grown 30% year over year.

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Deodorant company PiperWai struggled to find a 3PL that could scale quickly and ship cross-country after their appearance on Shark Tank. ShipBob integrated with PiperWai’s ecommerce stores and packaging platforms and optimized their cross-country shipping, helping them navigate 6,000% growth.

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Rebel Girls

Media company Timbuktu Labs launched their entire book series, Rebel Girls, to massive crowdfunding success, raising over $1 million on KickStarter. With ShipBob, they were able to fulfill rewards for 20,000 backers across 75 countries, and to date they’ve sold 3.5 million books.

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Menswear brand Brummell needed a 3PL that could handle last-minute fulfillment for their holiday launch. The founder and CEO received 15,000 units of socks at his house, moved the inventory to ShipBob in one day, and orders were being shipped to customers three days later. Brummell went from selling zero units to 5,000 in one month with ShipBob, and continue to scale their growth each month.

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