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Many Amazon sellers use FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) services to fulfill their orders. FBA affords businesses a number of advantages, like selling to Prime members with discounted shipping and pick/pack/ship services. But to use FBA services, your packages must first be prepared according to Amazon’s specifications and then shipped to Amazon.

ShipBob is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with infrastructure dedicated to all aspects of ecommerce fulfillment and years of expertise. Although ShipBob doesn’t fulfill FBA orders, it is a great alternative to Amazon FBA, we still offer some services for ecommerce merchants who use FBA to fulfill their Amazon orders and ShipBob to fulfill their ecommerce website and/or Amazon FBM orders.

Note: If you utilize Amazon fulfillment today, we highly recommend diversifying your fulfillment options (e.g., use both FBA and FBM) to maximize sales. Learn why sellers have moved off of Amazon to ShipBob for FBM here.

ShipBob’s FBA prep services is for merchants shipping at least 400 direct-to-consumer orders per month to ensure that their packages meet Amazon’s exact fulfillment expectations. We can simplify your order fulfillment process, save you time and money, and keep your Amazon sales running smoothly.

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What are Amazon FBA prep and inspection services

Before Amazon receives your inventory and starts fulfilling your orders, you have to package, label, and sort your products according to Amazon’s specifications. Amazon FBA prep and inspection services handle each step of this process for your business, and make sure that every product meets Amazon’s specifications. Then, your products can be shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Amazon FBA prep and inspection services include any variety of the following:

  • Repackaging
  • Labelling
  • Barcoding/FNSKU
  • Quality control
  • Fragile item preparation
  • Loose product preparation
  • Sold as set preparation
  • Poly bagging

If your packages or products do not meet Amazon’s specifications, then you may be charged with noncompliance or even have your products rejected. Read on to see how ShipBob can make sure your packages get to Amazon exactly as they want them.

ShipBob’s Amazon prep services

At ShipBob, we want to eliminate the tedious work of preparing inventory for FBA to let you focus on the core of your business so you can focus on building your brand and growing your ecommerce website. When you have inventory in ShipBob’s fulfillment centers and are shipping at least 400 orders per month, you can easily and quickly ship products to any Amazon fulfillment center. For FBA prep, ShipBob keeps pricing simple by charging a per-item pick fee, per-item sticker fee, and label fees.

FBA packaging

Amazon’s FBA packaging requirements are complicated and many businesses struggle to follow them. If you are shipping at least 400 orders per month, ShipBob will package all of your items according to Amazon’s specifications and ensure that all specifications are followed to a T for each individual product. When you subscribe to order updates, we will notify you at pick and pack of the order so that you can get the dimensions and weights on the order. By working in both your Amazon Seller Central and ShipBob accounts, you will have all the information needed.

FBA labels

Amazon requires a sticker for each item shipped (even for case packed items, ShipBob will place a sticker on every item in that case). You can easily download the box labels and shipping label and attach the box labels and prepaid shipping labels to the order you created. ShipBob will print the box label, and, if requested, your prepaid label and attach it to your shipment. Once the “Ship Date” arrives, we will ship out your package via parcels or freight.

Inventory transfer

You can transfer inventory from any ShipBob fulfillment center to any FBA facility. If you are shipping at least 400 orders per month, ShipBob will prep the orders with FBA item labels and box labels, acting as your central logistics hub. You simply go to Amazon Seller Central and create an FBA shipment for the items you want ShipBob to send to an FBA location. You can track your inventory levels in each location to ensure you never run out and order more in time.

Distributed FBA prep centers

Shipping your products to an FBA facility can be costly if it’s located far from where you are doing prep services. ShipBob has a national network of fulfillment centers that also handle FBA prep services that are strategically located to bring down logistics costs. You can ship products from ShipBob to a nearby Amazon fulfillment center to lower shipping costs.

When should you use an FBA prep service?

For already strained businesses, the hassle of prepping, inspecting, and shipping packages to meet Amazon’s expectations can outweigh the benefits of Amazon fulfillment. Prep services take all of this off your hands and make the often complicated Amazon fulfillment process easier. Here are some signs you may benefit from an FBA prep service.

Amazon is constantly rejecting your packages

Getting your packages rejected by Amazon can be disastrous for your business. All the work you put into preparing the package is lost, you’re stuck paying high shipping fees, and your customers end up empty-handed. FBA professionals specialize in meeting Amazon’s specifications and make sure your packages never get rejected.

Packaging and shipping items to Amazon fulfillment centers is taking away from key activities

Prepping Amazon packages takes up resources and manpower that ecommerce businesses often don’t have to spare. Hiring an FBA prep service saves you time so you can reallocate your focus towards other business priorities.

Knowing and meeting specifications is tedious and at times overwhelming

Keeping track of Amazon’s specifications can be a nightmare. Different specifications must be met for fragile products, products sold as sets, loose products, and more. An FBA prep service can take the headache away.

Get FBA-like shipping for your ecommerce website

FBA prep is a value-add service for merchants shipping at least 400 shipments per month.

ShipBob helps ecommerce businesses build their brand, reduce shipping costs, offer affordable 2-day shipping, and meet customer expectations with their fulfillment services, geographic footprint, simple pricing model, and technology.

Whether you’re wanting to move away from Amazon due to high FBA fees or simply hope to grow your non-Amazon ecommerce channels, check out ShipBob to learn more.

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