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ShipBob offers international fulfilment locations across the EU, UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

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Fulfilment is one of the toughest parts of running an ecommerce business, and that’s especially true if you fulfil international orders. Shipping across borders is a tremendous opportunity to find new customers and expand your business, but it also puts you at a competitive disadvantage compared to domestic businesses: your customers have to pay more and wait longer for their orders. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

The solution is to have a fulfilment footprint both in your home country and the place you’re shipping to. ShipBob is a an international third-party logistics (3PL) company that makes this possible. We have a network of fulfilment centres across the globe and you can store your inventory in one or several of them. 

If you’re an ecommerce business based in the US and want to ship to France, you can bulk ship your inventory to our fulfilment centre in Europe, and then we’ll distribute it from there. No need to send each package through customs. That way, you can reduce shipping costs and speed up transit times as a result. 

“As our customer base grows, so does our global reach. Having orders shipping internationally, ShipBob’s affordable rates solved our need for international fulfilment capabilities.”

Carl Protsch, Co-Founder of FLEO

Order fulfilment services in France

Regardless of where your business is headquartered and where you want to ship to, ShipBob can help. The onboarding process is simple, and we can start shipping your orders within days. Here’s how it works:

  • Sync your store with our technology. We provide onboarding resources to help you make this process easy.
  • Ship your inventory to our fulfilment centres, based on where your customers live and where you’re shipping to.
  • Orders placed at your store are automatically sent to our fulfilment centre, and our fulfilment experts prepare and ship the order.
  • Tracking info is forwarded to you and the customer. 

Distributed inventory

To optimise international shipping, you want to consider storing your inventory as close to the different regions you serve and where most of customers are located. ShipBob’s network of fulfilment centres allows you to ship fast and at a lower cost to customers all over the world. You can check your historical order data, see where your customers live, and store your inventory at the fulfilment centres closest to your customer base. 

Pick, pack, and ship services

Outsource fulfilment to ShipBob and we take care of each step of the fulfilment process. When an order is placed at your store, picking lists are generated automatically at our fulfilment centre, and then the pick and pack fulfilment process begins. 

Order and inventory management

ShipBob will handle all the ins and outs of fulfilment, but you still get full visibility into the fulfilment process from your ShipBob dashboard. You can do anything from tracking inventory and setting reorder points, to checking order status. 

ShipBob serves France-based companies and customers

With our experience in international shipping, a global fulfilment footprint, and the technology needed to fulfil a high volume of orders efficiently, you can grow unhindered by the intricacies of order fulfilment

Lower shipping costs

Storing your inventory closer to your customer base reduces the number of shipping zones that the package must travel through to reach its destination. Fewer shipping zones means lower shipping costs, which is savings that you can pass along to the customer. 

One of our partners, supplement company TB12, cut their shipping costs by 25% after partnering with us. In 2029, they were able to grow their business by 75%.

“We experienced 4x our normal volume this past December, which was our second holiday season with ShipBob.”

Michael Peters, VP of E-Commerce Operations at TB12

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Faster deliveries

By reducing the distance an order must travel through, you’re able to cut down on shipping costs. In the US, our network of fulfilment centres enables us to reach almost any customer with 2-day shipping

Luxury bath brand Bathorium needed a 3PL with a strong US presence, so they partnered with ShipBob. Now, they are able to reduce shipping costs, expedite transit times, and have seen an increase in conversions.

“Our greatest barrier was how expensive it was to ship from Canada, costing about 50% of our average order value. We spent anywhere from $18 to $25 for a one-pound shipment, and it would take a minimum of 7-10 business days to reach the destination. Since working with ShipBob, we’ve seen a 70% reduction in shipping costs.”

Greg MacDonald, CEO & founder of Bathorium

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Simplified international shipping

At ShipBob, we’re experts in international shipping. We’ve helped fast-growing ecommerce brands launch into new markets, and we also know all the ins and outs of navigating regulations, customs, import duties, and all the tedious aspects of international shipping.

For example, sunglasses brand Ombraz started working with us in 2018 and quickly adopted three fulfilment centres in two different countries. Since then, we’ve shipped Ombraz products to seven continents and 55 countries.

“I worked at Amazon for several years and was heavily involved in some of their supply chain and logistics business. When we initially embarked on this business journey, I had an understanding of what to look for in a fulfilment partner. ShipBob’s costs are great and fulfilment times are wonderful.”

Nikolai Paloni, Co-Founder of Ombraz Sunglasses

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How to know when you’re ready to outsource fulfilment?

A 3PL can help your business in a number of different ways, whether it’s optimising fulfilment, expanding your shipping capacity, or lowering your rates. The “right” time to outsource will depend on what your business is struggling with and what is hindering your growth. Here are a few common problems that a 3PL can solve to help your business grow faster:

  • Your shipments take too long to reach customers, or you are paying too much for shipping.
  • You want to expand into a new market, but you don’t have the infrastructure to do so.
  • You want a more efficient and optimised fulfilment process.
  • Your order volume is increasing faster than your team can fulfil. 

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