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Shipping ecommerce products across borders can be a major hassle. First, you’ll be paying more and the customer will wait longer for the product to arrive. Then, there’s dealing with import duties, and ensuring your package has the proper documentation to get through customs. These difficulties often lead ecommerce companies to refrain from shipping internationally, even if they have potential customers willing to buy. 

However, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider  with an international presence can make this process much simpler and help you reach customers across the globe without breaking the bank (or spending all your time dealing with international fulfilment). 

ShipBob is an international 3PL with fulfilment centre location across the globe, and we use a system called distributed inventory that allows you to store your inventory in multiple locations. This means you can reach customers in Madrid without having to ship each package cross-border by storing your inventory in our European fulfilment centre, and do the same for your American customers 

We’re a full-suite fulfilment solution that takes care of each step of the fulfilment process, along with providing a cutting-edge inventory and order management platform, data and analytics, and more. 

“As we’ve grown internationally and in our general order volume, we’ve seen satisfaction go up. ShipBob was a key player and significant partner in helping manage what became unmanageable when we were shipping orders out ourselves.”

Matt Dryfhout, Founder & CEO of BAKblade

Ecommerce order fulfilment for Madrid-based customers

ShipBob’s focus is to take retail fulfilment off your plate so you can focus on what’s most important — growing your business. Getting started with ShipBob is simple, and we can start shipping your inventory right away. Here’s how it works:

  • Sync your store with our proprietary technology. This only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any coding.
  • Choose a fulfilment centre location that you would like to use, and then ship your inventory to us. If you’re shipping to Madrid, you’ll want to utilise our EU presence.
  • Once we receive your inventory, orders are forwarded automatically to us, picking lists are generated, and our professionals pick, pack, and ship the order.

Pick, pack, and ship

Outsource fulfilment to ShipBob and we take care of all the nitty-gritty details of fulfilment, including each step of the pick, pack, and ship process. Once an order is placed at your store, the order is forwarded automatically to our fulfilment centre, picking lists are auto-generated, and our fulfilment professionals kick into action.

Inventory control

You no longer have to deal with a messy, overburdened warehouse or mismatched inventory counts. Inventory control with ShipBob is simple; we keep your inventory safe, secure, and organised, and you can check inventory counts at any fulfilment centre, as well as set reorder points so you never run out of product.

Data & analytics

ShipBob’s platform offers a free analytics and reporting tool that helps you make better decisions. Get questions to answers like:

  • Which states do I ship the most orders to?
  • Which orders haven’t been delivered yet?
  • How much inventory do I currently have on hand at each ShipBob fulfilment centre?
  • What were my historical stock levels at any point in time in any location?
  • How many days do I have left until a SKU will be out of stock?
  • By when do I need to reorder inventory for each product?
  • What is the average cart value and shipping cost by shipping method and order?
  • How much money would I save on shipping if I changed the fulfilment centre locations my inventory is in?
  • And much more

Choosing ShipBob for your Madrid order fulfilment

ShipBob can turn logistics operations into one of your business’s biggest strengths. With distributed inventory and our proprietary software that optimises your shipping, you reduce shipping costs and pass those savings along to the customer. 

Simplify international fulfilment

Many businesses try to ship their products to international customers, only to find that the hassle of dealing with the ins and outs of international shipping isn’t worth it. But by partnering with a 3PL, shipping products to international customers can be painless and you can access a new customer base without having to spend any extra time on administrative duties. 

Sunglasses brand Ombraz quickly started shipping from three fulfilment centres in two different countries when they partnered with us in 2018. Since then, we’ve fulfiled and shipped their orders to 55 countries on seven continents.

“When I found out ShipBob was expanding into both Canada and Europe, I knew we wanted to expand our physical footprint with them. This would offer us the ability to reduce taxes and tariffs that come with international shipping. Now, Canadian-based orders will see a large reduction in shipping costs.”

Nikolai Paloni, Co-Founder of Ombraz

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Save on fulfilment costs

Shipping and fulfilment are two of the biggest costs for ecommerce business, and reducing them even a bit can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Savings on fulfilment can also be passed onto the customer in the form of lower shipping prices, which will help increase average order volume (AOV).

Coffee creamer brand Prymal joined ShipBob in 2019 and was quickly able to save $8,000 per month on fulfilment costs, while at the same time achieving 4x growth.

“Last July, Prymal reached $40,000 in revenue. After switching to ShipBob just four months later in November, we are reaching $160,000 a month in revenue — that’s 300% growth. We’re also saving $8,000 per month in fulfilment costs.”

Courtney Lee, founder of Prymal

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Improve your conversion rate

Shipping costs that are too high, or delivery timelines that are too long, are two of the biggest causes of cart abandonment. Improve those two factors and you’re likely to see an improvement in sales conversion. Canadian-based brand Bathorium is able to keep conversion rates high by offering affordable shipping for their US-based customers.

“We’ve seen a reduction of 70% on shipping costs in the US, which helps keep conversions high.”

Greg MacDonald, CEO & Founder of Bathorium

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When is a third party logistics provider right for your business?

Businesses can benefit from 3PL services at various different stages of growth. It all depends on what specific fulfilment-related problems you have, and whether they are holding you back from growing faster. If you recognise any of the following scenarios, then it may be time to outsource:

  • You overspend on shipping (either domestic or to other countries) and this hurts your bottom line.
  • Your team spends too much time on administrative tasks related to fulfilment.
  • You want to expand into new markets but don’t have the time to manage fulfilment.
  • Your AOV is too low or your cart abandonment is too high and you want to improve both with faster, more affordable shipping. 

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