Apparel fulfillment services allow online apparel merchants to evolve with fashion trends, respond to market needs, and turn over inventory quickly. Fashion is a fickle industry with short product lifecycles that revolve around seasons, trends, and locations, and have huge product variation between women’s, men’s, and children’s wear and sizes.

Within some retail categories, vast segments of the market are monopolized by a few large brands. When it comes to apparel, each retailer must constantly stake their claim to develop and maintain a customer base. In turn, apparel merchants face higher standards in customer satisfaction and must ensure brand loyalty. However, the apparel industry has room for smaller brands to secure a portion of the market next to national retailers.

Of course, tastes and trends in fashion change in months and even weeks. Thus, online retailers must be flexible, responsive, and open to quickly change course. Choosing the right apparel fulfillment service can make or break an apparel retailer. A good apparel retailer will enable a company to grow and continue to support them as sales increase – all while maintaining the same high-quality level of service.

ShipBob can do just that.

ShipBob offers fast, accurate ecommerce shipping across the United States at discounted shipping rates. Not only does ShipBob make their pricing transparent and easy-to-understand, but they also offer price breaks for essential pieces of the ecommerce fulfillment process.

ShipBob is well-versed in fulfilling a wide range of apparel, including:

  • Women’s wear
  • Men’s wear
  • Children, toddler, and infant wear
  • Clotting accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves, and jewelry
  • Active wear
  • Footwear
  • And much more

Choosing an apparel fulfillment service provider requires an online merchant to consider questions of turnaround time, store/marketplace software integration, branding options, and ultimately price.

ShipBob offers many services that apparel retailers can benefit from, including:

  • E-commerce integration. ShipBob’s software seamlessly integrates with all the major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more.
  • Quick onboarding. You can be ready to go in as little as 15 minutes with ShipBob. Time is money, and the faster you can get back to selling your products, the better.
  • Distributed inventory. ShipBob has a network of fulfillment centers in major metro areas and all regions of the United States. Their warehouses are strategically located, so that no matter where your customers are, they are nearby to get your apparel to customer faster and for less.
  • Two-day shipping. Compete with major apparel retailers with ShipBob’s fast, guaranteed shipping. Offer your customers a better experience with fast deliveries.
  • Inventory management. It’s easy to view and manage your inventory across any of ShipBob’s warehouses from one central dashboard.
  • Free returns management. Apparel retailers experience more returns than other online merchants. ShipBob will process and reintegrate your retuned products back into your supply chain.
  • Branded packaging. A branded box leaves a lasting impression on your customers. It may be the first time they interact with your brand in real life. Why not put your name front and center? Your customers will never have to know you use a third-party.
  • Bulk discounts. Even when you don’t sell large volumes of products, you’ll receive steep shipping discounts with ShipBob.
  • Round-the-clock support. ShipBob is there to help when you need it. It’s that simple.

ShipBob’s warehouses and fulfillment solution are built to enable rapid growth for apparel businesses. Whether you’re focused on a specific apparel niche or you sell it all, ShipBob can reduce the time and money you spend on order fulfillment. Get the flexibility you need and the services you want with ShipBob.

Save time, money, and frustration with ShipBob’s apparel fulfillment services.

Try a free trial today and see for yourself how ShipBob can revolutionize your supply chain and streamline apparel order fulfillment.



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