How Australia’s 6th Fastest-Growing Tech Company Moves Quickly With Partners Like ShipBob [Case Study]

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Learn how Sydney-based Honey Insurance leverages partners like ShipBob to scale their company across Australia.

Customer Profile

Honey Insurance is a Sydney-based insurance company that uses smart technology to help prevent avoidable accidents. Founded in October 2020 by a serial entrepreneur, they use smart technology in novel ways – their smart technology is installed in your home and within minutes, can be monitored through your smartphone. This helps you avoid the trinity of household troubles – fire, water damage, and theft saving you money and the inconvenience of needing your home fixed and contents replaced because something went wrong.

Key metrics

  • 6th fastest-growing tech company in Australia
  • 1,177% growth over 3 years
  • 1 SKU

Born in Sydney during the pandemic, Honey Insurance was founded on the belief that homeowners in Australia deserve better insurance. But Honey isn’t your typical home insurance company – they’ve reimagined it for today’s modern world with smart property monitoring and, above all else, customer-centricity.

On the tech side, their wireless sensors are sleek in design, and sync to your smartphone to automatically alert you when something is wrong, offering the utmost safety and ultimate peace of mind.

Not only do they help reduce the risk to your home from avoidable accidents such as fire, water damage, and theft, but they also use the information you provide and data sourced from third parties to suggest, as a guide, an amount of cover you should have. Of course, customers are always encouraged to seek independent advice before taking out a policy.

Known for its end-to-end premium customer experience, Honey appeals to property owners, renters, and landlords who crave quality and simplicity from the home insurance experience.

This modern approach to home insurance has proven to be popular among Australians – the Deloitte Fast 50 recently recognised Honey Insurance as the sixth fastest-growing tech company in Australia, growing 1,177% over 3 years.

We sat down with one of the founding team members at Honey to learn more about how they’ve accomplished so much so quickly, delivering superior experiences across the board, and how partners like ShipBob help make it more seamless.

Transitioning to ShipBob from a 3PL that exited the market

As told to ShipBob by Simon Farrugia, Chief Product Officer at Honey Insurance.

Prior to ShipBob, we worked with a fulfilment company that had a good process, and we were satisfied with as a vendor, but there came the point where they advised us they were exiting the 3PL business.

So, we started our search for an alternative. We considered everything our previous 3PL offered as tables stakes in a replacement. Scanning the market, we evaluated half a dozen or more vendors, and created a scorecard to grade these fulfilment companies.

Using several key criteria (including technology, automation, high-quality customer experience, and effective pricing), each provider was rated, and ShipBob came out as the vendor of choice.

On top of providing a full turnkey fulfilment solution and ticking all the boxes, we were confident in the team at ShipBob and that there was an alignment of values. For Honey, it is critical to develop long-term partnerships with organizations and teams that are committed to the success of our business.

The team at ShipBob have demonstrated their commitment to enabling Honey to deliver a great customer experience. We value and respect that there is someone at ShipBob to connect with who wants to solve any problems when they arise. My confidence in ShipBob continues to grow along the way.

We’ve worked with other fulfilment companies that were more transactional in nature and not an extension of our business or a partner that shares our value of “every customer matters.” With ShipBob, product requests are acted on quickly (it’s not a “this is our solution – take it or leave it” mindset).

Leveraging technology to save time and move quickly

We used ShipBob’s Developer API to have our developers set up a direct integration to route orders into ShipBob, as we bring on new customers who need smart technology kits shipped to their home. ShipBob’s platform is easier to use than our prior platform. Submitting an inbound request, tracking inventory, and reporting and analytics in ShipBob are all very helpful as well.

The home screen of the ShipBob dashboard is a valuable tool, where upon logging in, we can see high-level metrics on our average time in transit, volume of shipments, and other information at a glance. It’s a reassuring mental reminder of what is happening across the shipping side of our business.

We need partners that can move fast, and one of the most important things they can give us is time back. Being able to quickly get an inventory report or order status from the ShipBob dashboard is very convenient, and the speed at which they operate and receive inventory also helps us get our product into customers’ homes more quickly.

What’s next for Honey Insurance

On the product side, we are focused on scaling distribution and continuing to build out our differentiated product offering to help our customers avoid preventable accidents around the home.

But our people side it just as important. As the company grows, we’re making sure every new person who joins is shown the Honey way with a focus on hiring the right people who want to help one another, do a better job, create a better product, and work together as a team cross-functionally – all while never taking the focus off the customer.

We’ve been very intentional about scaling from a team of less than 10, to 50, and now beyond – all with a focus on how to serve our customers as we grew, caring for each and every customer.

I’m really proud of not just our relentless focus and hard work but our teamwork and camaraderie, as these all add up to make a difference in delivering a superior customer experience. I also look forward to continuing our ability to deliver a great service and post-sale experience with partners like ShipBob.

Insurance issued by RACQ Insurance Limited ABN 50 009 704 152, AFSL 233 082 and distributed by Honey Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 52 643 672 628, AFSL 528244. Conditions, limits and exclusions apply. This is general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs and may not be right for you. Always read the PDS, any applicable SPDS and TMD available on before making any decision.

Honey Insurance’s team at ShipBob

Shipton Bogle

Shipton is the Sr. Enterprise Account Executive who helped Honey get started with ShipBob.

Ray Neruwana 

Ray is the Sr. Implementation Specialist who onboarded Honey to ShipBob.

Drew Lucas 

Drew is the Merchant Success Manager at ShipBob who supports Honey Insurance.

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