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There are so many options to choose from when you want to send a package. 

Evri (formerly Hermes) is the go-to courier service for many UK-based brands. However, as with any courier service, it can be tricky for merchants new to ecommerce or unfamiliar with Evri to find the most cost-effective parcel options for their business. 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into Evri’s parcel prices, sizes, weight limits, and more, so your brand can ship with confidence.  

EVRi vs myHermes: What changed?

In 2022, the delivery company Hermes rebranded their platform to become Evri following some negative attention the company received the previous year. 

Along with a new and dynamic logo, the brand upgraded their customer service with a completely UK-based customer care team, more phone lines, and a better chatbot.

EVRi parcel prices

With so many courier services to choose from, it makes sense that businesses shipping to and from the UK would compare pricing to make sure they get the best deal. 

Evri offers competitive pricing on its parcel services, as well as bulk shipping discounts. Both Standard and Next Day delivery include real-time next day tracking, weekend delivery, three delivery attempts, delivery photo confirmation, and a £20 parcel cover. 

Standard delivery 

With Standard Delivery, you may send parcels anywhere in the UK at very little cost. Rates start at just £2.70 for postable shipments under 1kg, and increase depending on the parcel’s weight, destination, and your desired collection method. 

Merchants may opt for a courier to collect their parcel, or they may drop it off at a ParcelShop or Locker. Evri may also charge an extra £2.75 for deliveries to and from certain postcodes.

Here is a snapshot of the prices, based on the parcel weight, for standard delivery:

For shipments to be delivered to a home or work address:

Parcel weightParcelShop or
Locker drop off
Courier collection
Postable (Under 1kg)£2.70
Under 1kg£2.99£3.98
1kg to 2kg£4.44£5.44
2kg to 5kg£5.96£6.95
5kg to 10kg£6.36£7.36
10kg to 15kg£9.28£10.27

*Pricing has been sourced from the Evri website.

For shipments to be delivered to a ParcelShop:

Parcel weightStandard Delivery
Postable (Under 1kg)£2.62
Under 1kg£2.78
1kg to 2kg£3.88
2kg to 5kg£5.58
5kg to 10kg£6.16
10kg to 15kg£9.08

*Pricing has been sourced from the Evri website.

Next Day delivery 

Using Evri’s Next Day delivery service, you can drop off your goods at a ParcelShop or Locker by 12 noon and have it delivered within the UK the next day. Pricing starts at just £3.20, though Evri may charge an extra £2.75 for deliveries to and from certain postcodes.

Here is a snapshot of the prices, based on the parcel weight, for Next Day delivery:

Parcel weightParcelShop or Locker drop off
Postable (under 1kg)£3.29
Under 1kg£3.94 
1kg to 2kg£5.34 
2kg to 5kg£6.86 
5kg to 10kg£7.36
10kg to 15kg£10.97 

*Pricing has been sourced from the Evri website.

For shipments to be delivered to a ParcelShop:

Parcel weightStandard Delivery
Postable (Under 1kg)£3.20
Under 1kg£3.47
1kg to 2kg£4.72
2kg to 5kg£6.58
5kg to 10kg£7.16
10kg to 15kg£10.76

*Pricing has been sourced from the Evri website.

Evri parcel size limits 

The maximum limit of EvRi parcel size for postable parcels is a letterbox-friendly 35 cm x 23 cm x 3 cm (L x W x D).

As per the website, your parcel size is okay to ship if its volume is:

((Shortest side + Second shortest side) x 2) + Length of the parcel < 245 cm

For those who use ParcelShop or EvRi’s courier service, the maximum length allowed is 120 cm. For locker-bound shipments, the maximum size allowed is 66 cm x 41 cm x 38 cm.

Evri parcel weight limits 

With postable parcel and large letter delivery, the shipment weight must be between 250g and 1kg. For other parcels, the maximum weight of 15kg. Find out more about the carrier’s weight limits, by clicking here.

Evri large parcel prices 

Whether it’s a chair, sewing machine, or box of faucets, if it’s under 15kgs, Evri can deliver it locally.

The carrier’s charges vary based on the weight of the goods, so its size doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s under 120cm (in length) and its length plus girth is no more than 245 cm. 

If the item you’re shipping is not easily measurable with a tape measure, or weighable using a digital scale on hand with which to weigh it, try comparing the item to other things of a similar size and weight that you have on hand.

Once you pack, measure, and weigh your heavy parcel, you can book the parcel delivery online or through Evri’s app. 

From there, you can print your postage label (either on your own or through a ParcelShop), and either have it collected from your business premises or home or drop it off at a ParcelShop or Locker drop off.   

Shipping internationally with Evri

Evri delivers to over 200 countries globally for prices starting at £6.08. Just as with its Standard and Next Day delivery options, Evri offers real-time tracking and a platform to manage your orders or saved addresses.

Evri also has an international shipping calculator that you may use to get quotes for custom parcel delivery. 

Increase your shipping capabilities with ShipBob

Customers today expect fast shipping on ecommerce purchases — and that’s the bare minimum. Partnering with ShipBob for your fulfilment can help you not only meet, but beat these expectations with a stellar post-purchase experience. 

ShipBob is a global omnifulfilment platform that provides best-in-class logistics for business all over the world. With over 40+ fulfilment centres across the UK, EU, Australia, Canada, and the US, you can store and ship your goods from an international location to minimise cross-border shipping times and costs. 

“The UK is our home base, and all the customers we ship to are in the UK. We spoke to some classical, British-owned fulfilment companies in our search, but ShipBob turned out to be perfect for us.

We had no concerns about ShipBob’s HQ being in the US — if anything, it was more of a positive! ShipBob has done incredibly well in the US, and their track record reassured us that we can grow together with ShipBob as it ramps up its international operations.”

Adelina Zotta & Connor Westby, Co-Founders of NutriPaw

ShipBob integrates with your ecommerce platform to pick and pack your orders as they come in. You can track fulfilment performance, as well as real-time inventory levels and order progress, through ShipBob’s analytics dashboard, so you’re never out of the loop. 

When it comes time to ship, we partner with Evri (as well as other major UK-based couriers) so your business can ship from the UK to other countries with ease, and delight customers everywhere. 

To learn more about how ShipBob can help your business fulfil and ship orders internationally, click the button below. 

Evri parcel sizes FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about Evri parcel sizes.

What size and weight is a small parcel Evri?

Some small parcel options offered by Evri are under one kilogram, 1 to 2 kg, and 2 to 5 kg. They will also ship anything less than a maximum length of 1.2m.

What is the weight limit of Evri parcels?

Postable parcel and large letter delivery must be under 1 kg.  Otherwise, the general rule is that Evri can ship anything under 15 kg.

How can ShipBob help with UK fulfilment?

ShipBob has a large network of fulfilment centres in the UK, including locations in Manchester, Birmingham, as well as Swindon. By intelligently distributing inventory within the UK, we help reduce delivery times while minimising cross-border shipping fees. 

Every fulfilment centre in our networks is also powered by ShipBob’s proprietary warehouse management software (WMS), so you can achieve consistency and accuracy on your orders, no matter where you sell, fulfil, or ship. 

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