Fall ‘23 Release

Introducing Fulfilled by TikTok powered by ShipBob, end-to-end FBA prep and replenishment, smarter distribution logic and easier rebalancing for Inventory Placement, and more.

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“Fulfilled by TikTok” Powered by ShipBob 🇺🇸

Unlock one of the largest social media platforms in the world as a new end-to-end sales channel, and give your customers a seamless experience from discovery to delivery. With Fulfilled by TikTok, you can sell on TikTok Shop and get simple, fast, and affordable shipping powered by ShipBob.

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Annie Leal

CEO & Founder of I Love Chamoy

Selling on TikTok Shop with ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ has been a game changer for my business! They can keep up with our virality on TikTok and surge in orders, and make sure our customers get their sugar free chamoy in a timely manner.

End-to-End FBA Prep & Replenishment 🇺🇸

Seamlessly create FBA prep freight orders directly in your ShipBob dashboard, bypassing the need to input anything in Amazon Seller Central.

Starting late October, ShipBob will automatically generate Amazon labels during the fulfillment process, drastically reducing manual intervention, saving you time and effort, and getting orders fulfilled quicker. Plus, we’ll take care of scheduling and managing the freight for you!

Get Started with FBA freight Automation!

“With the FBA prep automation, we don’t have to lift a finger outside of submitting the inventory transfer request in the ShipBob dashboard. Then ShipBob handles retrieving all of the box and shipping labels from Amazon Seller Central through the direct integration. Now, it takes 20% of the time it used to take to send a shipment over to Amazon.”

Nadine Joseph, Founder & CEO of Peak and Valley

Improved B2B Order Visibility

Experience unrivaled B2B order fulfillment visibility in the ShipBob dashboard. Take control of your carrier and freight routing with the ability to view dims and weights of carton and palletized orders, and ensure retailer compliance with the ability to view GS1 labels and packing slips. Receive tracking updates for your prepaid parcel orders directly from each order page in the ShipBob dashboard. Learn more. 

Order Prefix & Suffix Sync for Shopify Orders 🌏

For merchants managing multiple Shopify storefronts or using third-party apps that leverage order prefix or suffix, we’ve updated our Shopify integration to make it easier for you to identify orders across platforms. We now automatically sync the entire order number, including prefix and suffix, when orders are imported from Shopify.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

“I ran the numbers to see what it would cost to ship pallets directly to different fulfillment centers, and it’s so much more expensive than sending it to one hub and letting ShipBob distribute it for us. The Inventory Placement Program’s model is much cheaper, and we don’t have to think about distribution. It’s saved us so many headaches, and now we just arrange one pickup from a manufacturer and one delivery. It’s so cheap, and so easy.”

Matt Crane, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Semaine Health

Inventory Placement for Hands-Off Distribution 🇺🇸

Send your inventory to one US location, and let us do the rest with ShipBob’s Inventory Placement Program. New for Fall, we’ve updated our SKU distribution model to account for exception orders during WRO distribution, and now allow merchants to specify default sites for specific SKUs. We’ve also built a new rebalancing and inventory transfer process to make it easier for existing merchants to achieve ideal distribution for existing inventory during IPP implementation.

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Receiving Hubs Rolled Out Across 100% of the US 🇺🇸

This year, we rolled out dedicated receiving hubs across our US fulfillment network to improve reliability, accuracy, inventory visibility, and traceability at every step. ShipBob’s US West, Midwest, Northeast, and Southwest hubs are live, and our Southeast hub rollout for our Georgia and Tennessee fulfillment centers will be complete by the end of October. Learn more.

New Long-Term Storage Sites for Reduced Warehousing Rates 🇺🇸

Have excess or slow-moving inventory? Save money by storing surplus inventory within ShipBob’s extended network via long-term storage with reduced warehousing rates. Our first long-term storage facility in California is live, and we’ve opened our waitlist for more dedicated regional sites opening in 2024.

Peak Warehouse Productivity for ShipBob WMS

“ShipBob’s WMS has more than doubled, if not tripled, our productivity in terms of labor hours. Our average days to ship is now only 0.8 days, so most packages are shipping same-day or next-day, with rare exceptions. We’ve cut 4 days of lead time because orders are getting processed, fulfilled, and shipped more efficiently.

When we first started with ShipBob, we were doing about 15K orders per month, and now we’re processing 30K — double what we were doing just six months ago.”

Ben Tietje, Co-Founder and CEO of Earthley

New Mobile Pack Option for Greater Batch Order Accuracy

Ship the right products to the right customers with our new mobile batch packing option within the MiniBob app for orders picked via batch processing. Available as of late October by request, ShipBob WMS merchants can enable a new easy-to-use flow that guides packers through the exact actions to perform during packing, including a mobile audit verification process to improve order accuracy.

New Custom Cluster Option to Pick by Purchase Date

For ShipBob WMS merchants who want to pick orders strictly in order of their purchase date, we’re releasing a new custom cluster option to create custom cluster carts by order purchase date (available by late October).

Enhanced Picking Logic to Improve Efficiency & Prioritize the Right Orders

Starting late October, we’re updating the logic used to rank and group orders to incorporate additional order and shipment information and increase picking efficiency ahead of peak volume. The new logic ensures the highest priority and oldest orders are picked first, cluster carts are full, and efficient travel time for pickers.

Skip the WRO and Add Inventory Directly

Want to add inventory to stow to the ShipBob dashboard up to 5x faster? Streamline your receiving process with the ability to create inventory to stow without the extra steps of creating a WRO. This new navigation option is now available in ToolBob.

Connect & Build Anything

AfterShip Tracking and AfterShip Returns Integrations Added to App Store 🌏

Create a world-class post-purchase experience with automated tracking updates and a seamless returns process, powered by ShipBob and AfterShip.

  • ShipBob’s integration with AfterShip Tracking syncs your ShipBob order information with AfterShip to inform shoppers in real time via email and SMS.
  • ShipBob’s integration with AfterShip Returns lets you sync AfterShip return merchandise authorization (RMA) data and auto-generate an advance shipping notice (ASN) within ShipBob’s system.

Delight Shoppers

New Ability to Remove Price from Packing Slips 🌏

Ensure your customers’ gift recipients aren’t seeing the order value on their packing slips with a new setting to exclude the total price on all packing slips. Enable this setting by navigating to the Shipment Settings link on the left-hand navigation bar in your ShipBob dashboard.

Go Global

New Carrier Service in the UK 🇬🇧

Merchants shipping from any of ShipBob’s UK locations can now utilize Royal Mail’s Large Letter 48-hour tracked service ship option (a cost-saving service for orders weighing < 750 grams).

🇬🇧 United Kingdom


🇪🇺 Europe

📍Gorzow, Poland
📍Venray, Netherlands 

🇦🇺 Australia


🇨🇦 Canada

📍Brampton, Ontario
📍Additional East and West Canada sites coming in Q1 2024!

🇺🇸 United States

📍40+ US Warehouses 

🌏 Global Shipping

📍Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) to 200+ countries from all ShipBob location
📍Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) 
to 200+ countries from US, Canada, and UK locations

Optimize Your Supply Chain

“The Inventory Placement Program is pretty straightforward. We ship all of our products to the Moreno Valley, California facility and ShipBob’s real-time data analyzes our recent inventory positions across locations to decide how much of the new inventory to move to each fulfillment center. IPP takes a load off of our team, making inventory replenishment simpler and more up-to-date.”

Michael Mullaney, VP of Supply Chain at ZBiotics

Sell Everywhere

ShipBob knows how to fulfill orders for major retailers, and that knowledge shines through in their EDI-automated B2B solution. With important details that differ between retailers – like freight carrier preferences or limitations on package and pallet size – ShipBob automatically complies with them. I don’t have to keep tabs on or communicate those details anymore. It’s a huge time-saver for my team.

Nadine Joseph, Founder & CEO of Peak and Valley

Peak WMS Productivity

One of the biggest reasons we went with ShipBob is the multiple checks from start to finish. The WMS makes it really hard to send out the wrong product. It still happens on rare occasions – but it happens a lot less than before. Before we implemented ShipBob’s WMS, our order accuracy rate was around 92%. Now we’re at 99.7% for order accuracy, which equates to 2,100 less mispicks a year on average.

Jourdan Davis, Operations Manager at Pit Viper

Delight Shoppers

ShipBob gives us the ability to automatically add marketing inserts, branded packaging, and other customized touches to our orders. Those extra elements can make a huge impact on customers.

Matt Crane, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Semaine Health

Go Global

International shipping has become much easier through ShipBob’s strategically placed global fulfillment centers and ShipBob DDP. Now we can ensure that DDP shipping is included for items we send internationally so recipients don’t have to worry about paying customs on items they are sent as a gift. International shipping and fulfillment used to be a pain point for us, but now it’s a strength.

Ben Jablow, VP, Alliances at Postal

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