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There are so many great ecommerce platforms on the market. It can be a challenge to choose one that fit your brand’s unique needs, including fulfillment. Once your customers start placing orders on your store, how will you handle logistics?

A popular ecommerce platform is Magento (now Adobe Commerce), which provides merchants with full control over their store’s content, design, and functionality. If you’re considering Magento as your ecommerce platform, read on to learn how to integrate a fulfillment solution like ShipBob to create an end-to-end ecommerce solution.

What is Magento?

Magento is an ecommerce platform that provides ecommerce businesses with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over content and functionality of their online store. It also offers marketing solutions, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, and more.

ShipBob can take care of all your shipping and fulfillment needs

Magento is a great option for your online store, but what about logistics? ShipBob can help you streamline your shipping strategy by integrating either of ShipBob’s partners ShipStation or OrderDesk with Magento to access ShipBob’s fulfillment solution. Click here for more information on ShipStations’s Magento integration.

Here are the benefits of using ShipBob’s fulfillment solution to optimize your ecommerce supply chain.

Warehouse management

With a network of global fulfillment centers powered by proprietary warehouse management software (WMS) that’s completely tailored to ShipBob’s processes (unlike other 3LPs that purchase their own warehouse management system from other companies), ecommerce business can leverage economies of scale, discounted shipping rates, fulfillment services, and support, all without having to invest in the individual pieces that comprise warehouse management.

Return management and processing

ShipBob quickly processes ecommerce returns and gets products back into your supply line, simplifying your inventory management on refunds.

Inventory and order tracking

ShipBob offers more than just warehousing: once your store is connected to ShipBob, you get a number of valuable inventory management tools at your disposal. View inventory levels in real-time, set reorder points, keep a safety stock, and distribute your inventory strategically so you always have product in the right place at the right time. You can also search for orders, monitor order status, and track packages as they ship to customers.

Why ShipBob the first choice of Magento shop owners

ShipBob is a best-in-class fulfillment and logistics solution that can optimize your supply chain and provide logistics solutions that help you save time and money while meeting customer expectations. By connecting ShipStation with Magento or OrderDesk with Magento, you can create a comprehensive fulfillment and shipping solution for your online store. Here is why ecommerce brands that use Magento choose to ShipBob as their fulfillment provider.

Advanced technology

By connecting your store with ShipBob’s technology, you get access to built-in inventory management tools, advanced data anda analytics, and the ability to split inventory across fulfillment center locations. ShipBob makes it easy to manage inventory and orders from dashboard and with a growing distribution network, you’re able to offer more affordable shipping options while keeping fulfillment costs and shipping rates low.

Insights into inventory, orders, and shipments

Our proprietary merchant dashboard connects to our WMS and gives each merchant deep insights into fulfillment performance, how we’re hitting our SLAs, visibility into order status and inventory counts, and much more.

Rather than requesting someone to create a report for you, you can automatically pull them on-demand, eliminating back and forth while increasing transparency. You get real-time analytics with charts to help you with everything from year-end reporting, to better supply chain decision-making.

Ready to ship with ShipBob?

There is no “right” time to get started with a fulfillment provider like ShipBob. But here are some common signs it’s time to outsource fulfillment:

  • You are looking to automate fulfillment for your Magento store
  • You spend an unsustainable amount of time packing and shipping orders
  • You are running out of space to store inventory
  • You want to meet rising customer expectations around shipping
  • You want to get affordable bulk shipping rates across delivery speeds

If you meet some or all of the above criteria, ShipBob can help streamline Magento shipping for your business.

How to set up ShipBob on Magento Commerce 2

Shipstation’s softwares integrates with other online platforms like Magento and can work as a middleman for stores that cannot directly integrate with our dashboard. It can also be used to bridge all stores together and have all orders sync through one main portal. Note: ShipStation does not support Magento Commerce 1.

1. Start an account with ShipStation or OrderDesk

Connecting a Magento store to ShipStation first requires setup within your Magento account. Once you have completed the steps in your Magento account, you can then follow the steps to connect the store in ShipStation. Click here for more instructions.

Alternatively, you can use OrderDesk as the middleman between Magento and ShipBob. Click here for more instructions.

2. Integrate ShipStation with ShipBob

Create a free account with ShipBob to access ShipBob’s fulfillment dashboard, then follow the steps here to integrate ShipStation with ShipBob or here to connect OrderDesk with ShipBob in just a few clicks.

3. Sync your products

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on “Quit Setup” and select “Sync Your Products” to sync products from your online store in seconds. You also have the option to add products manually or upload an Excel sheet. For more information, click here.

4. Send inventory to ShipBob

Once you’ve successfully synced your products with ShipBob’s dashboard, you can create a WRO and ship products to one or more ShipBob’s fulfillment center locations. Once we receive your inventory, orders placed on your online store will be automatically sent to ShipBob to be picked, packed, and shipped.

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Does ShipBob ship internationally?

Yes. Logistics solutions for ecommerce businesses consists of the management of the supply chain. This includes everything from storing inventory in a warehouse, to picking and packing services, to automated shipping and returns management.

Can ShipBob store my items?

Yes. You can greatly improve logistics by simply outsourcing logistics to a tech-enabled 3PL. This way, you can tap into a robust fulfillment infrastructure and technology, so you can stay competitive while saving time and money on logistics.