Triple Whale brings the metrics & attribution that matter most into one easy-to-use dashboard.

Triple Whale is the source of truth for the data that helps you make better decisions. From integrations with your most important platforms to ecommerce-specific AI, Triple Whale helps find the data points you need, with customisation and personalisation to fit your business.

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Bring the metrics that matter most into one easy-to-use dashboard. Get the real-time insights you need to grow your brand.


Attribution You Can Trust. Make better decisions with better data – discover your path to profitable growth with the Triple Pixel.

Creative Cockpit

Cultivate Winning Creatives. Creative Cockpit provides in-depth insights, intuitive data visualization, and customisable segmentation to streamline ad-level analytics.


Ecommerce Intelligence, Automated. Lighthouse detects anomalies, surfaces insights, and delivers tactical recommendations to make your store more profitable.


Power Profitable Growth With Product & Customer Analytics. Stop guessing who your customers are and what they want. Leverage Triple Whale’s Insights tools to make better business decisions and drive profitability at scale.


Centralised and run your business operations with Triple Whale – plan, track, and report with first-party data.

At MaryRuth’s, we are big advocates of Total Impact. Not just because it made the numbers look better, but because it really aligned – I can’t say that enough – with everything we were intuitively and subconsciously knowing. We knew things the data wasn’t showing. We knew the reason it wasn’t showing is because the data is so complex and the way we measured was too simple. It really helped us.

Wyatt Lowe

Sr. Director of Digital Growth, MaryRuth’s

Coming from a different platform, Triple Whale is just day and night better. It saves me so much time in jumping between platforms, as well as understanding what different channels are doing. It makes it easy to have a sanity check across the channels and cuts down on decision time. Plus, we’ve been able to scale campaigns we would have overlooked in the past.

Brayden Keisker

Marketing Analyst, Cozy Earth

We’re not waiting for data pulls to happen and the marketers have access to it. We don’t need to rely on someone else to go get the data for them. They’re able to access that themselves. So that was a huge step forward for me. And honestly, we’ve really loved working with the Triple Whale team.

Greg Dalby

SVP Omnichannel, MilkBar

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