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Squarespace ecommerce platform seamlessly integrates with ShipBob’s technology to automate the fulfilment process. Once you connect your store and send your inventory to ShipBob’s fulfilment centres, your orders will automatically be sent to ShipBob to pick, pack, and ship them to your customers. This integration streamlines fulfilment and lets you get back to what’s important: running your business.

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Easy Squarespace Integration

Connect your Squarespace store to ShipBob’s fulfilment software with just a few clicks.

Once your store is connected, when a customer purchases an item through your Squarespace store, the order information will automatically be sent to ShipBob. ShipBob will then pick, pack, and ship your order from one of its fulfilment centres.

Fast fulfilment with your Squarespace account

Today’s customers expect fast, affordable shipping when they shop online. For each order placed on your Squarespace store, ShipBob offers discounted shipping rates and expedited delivery options based on your ecommerce business and your customers’ preferences.

Squarespace order management software

ShipBob’s technology offers full transparency into every order on your Squarespace store, from picking and packing through delivery. Filter orders by status, or search for and track specific orders

Automatically sync your Squarespace store

Automatically sync your Squarespace store’s inventory, orders, and shipping options with ShipBob’s software to ensure your orders get to your customers when and how they’re meant to.

Order management and tracking

You can track the entire fulfilment process in real-time from the ShipBob dashboard. As soon as an order ships, tracking number info is pushed back to your online store and sent to your customers

Inventory management and forecasting

Keep up with demand and prevent stock-outs with real-time inventory tracking and forecasting in the ShipBob dashboard. Track how much stock you have available at ShipBob’s fulfilment centres and receive automatic notifications when you need to reorder inventory for your Squarespace store.

Can I offer free shipping?

When you outsource fulfilment to ShipBob, you maintain full control of how much you charge your end customer for each shipping option. You can offer free shipping to your customers by creating a free shipping rate or free shipping discount on your Squarespace website.

Does Squarespace allow for international shipping?

Yes! When creating your Squarespace shipping options, you can indicate which countries you would like to enable shipping to. ShipBob has locations across the world and offers international shipping with discounted rates to any country our couriers ship to.

See below to learn more about creating regional shipping zones for your Squarespace store.

How do Squarespace shipping zones work?

Squarespace allows you to create regional shipping zones to limit where you ship products or set shipping fees based on location. Once you set general shipping rules and local and regional shipping zones, customers will see their shipping options after they enter a shipping address.

For example, you can offer in-store pickup for customers within specific postal codes.

Note: Don’t confuse Squarespace shipping zones, which are set on a store-by-store basis, with couriers shipping zones, which are used to determine shipping costs for orders shipped through couriers.

What are Squarespace shipping rates?

Shipping rates depend a variety of factors, including the carrier and service, product dimensions and package weight, cost per item, shipping speed, and more. Working with a 3PL like ShipBob can help you save money on order fulfilment for your Squarespace store.

Are there any Squarespace shipping restrictions?

While there are certain restrictions as to what you can sell on Squarespace, shipping restrictions will depend on your fulfilment provider, shipping couriers, and customers’ countries. For example, some couriers do not allow HAZMAT shipments to be sent through their services.

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