Scale and simplify your pre-order operations.

Purple Dot helps brands easily take and manage pre-orders at scale. With out-of-box compatibility with ShipBob, you can enable deep and automated configurations on how and when pre-orders are pushed downstream for fulfilment – that way, you can flexibly sell stock anytime before it reaches the warehouse.

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Holding pre-orders outside

Purple Dot makes scaling pre-orders easy by holding pre-orders outside your downstream systems until stock is available, instantly eliminating operational headaches at the warehouse. Pre-orders are pushed downstream automatically when stock arrives, with flexible configurations.

Automated fulfilment configurations

With Purple Dot, you’re always in control of what and how pre-orders are sent downstream for fulfilment, including mixed in-stock and pre-order carts. Choose to ship together and hold the entire order – or ship separately, and split the order. Charge shipping once, twice, or not at all.

Optimised customer journey

With Purple Dot, we build trust in your pre-order experience with a clear UX, dedicated post-purchase emails, and a self-service portal for your customers to check and amend their pre-order – so they always feel they are in the loop.

Full FTC compliance

Purple Dot is the only pre-order solution with out-of-the-box regulatory compliance when charging upfront for pre-orders. That way, you can always capture sales early for your business with complete peace of mind.

Hyped demand is a key driver to our sales and merchandising strategy. To leverage this modern approach to eCommerce, we also have to ensure our customers are always given the opportunity to buy. With Purple Dot, we can always be selling.

Ross Allsop

Head of eCommerce, LØCI

With Purple Dot, our pre-orders meet the high bar we set for our end-to-end customer experience. Now, we never hesitate to launch a product early, even if it’s not yet in our warehouse.

Jakob Bechgaard

Director of eCommerce, Knockaround

We expanded our use of Purple Dot to never go out of stock of our evergreen items, providing a much-improved experience for our customers and enabling us never to miss out on a sale because we are out of stock. It’s completely changed the way we think about both newness and stock levels.

Sallie Petfield

Head of Buying and Merchandising, SPOKE

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ShipBob + Purple Dot

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