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Klaviyo, a unified customer platform for email, SMS, and more, gives your online brand direct ownership of your consumer data and interactions—so you can talk to every customer like you know them, and grow your business on your own terms.

Klaviyo’s integration with ShipBob syncs shipment status from all order milestones, enabling you to reach customers with custom email or SMS updates for pre-shipment alerts, tracking updates, order delays, and more.

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Real Time Order Data

Integrate real-time fulfilment and inventory data into your post-purchase marketing communications. Send order-specific updates from the moment of purchase all the way through completed delivery.

Enhance Communication and Transparency

Push ShipBob data directly into your Klaviyo dashboard to provide current fulfilment status even before an item gets handed off to a carrier, such as “This order has been received by the warehouse” or “Awaiting carrier pickup.”

Proactive Automation

Don’t let delays impact shopper experience. Automate customer alerts via email or SMS when orders are delayed or on hold to set clear delivery expectations.

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