Uniquely identify your brand and products in the supply chain.

GS1 US is a neutral, not for-profit supply chain standards organisation that works across industries to set global standards collaboratively.

Best known as a source for UPC barcodes, GS1 creates a common language for companies to identify, capture and share trusted data that links their physical and digital supply chains.

A Global Language

To make your products easy to find, buy, trace, and fulfil, they need a unique digital identity supported by standardized data. GS1 provides a common language to seamlessly communicate trusted data across the global supply chain.


Mitigating the constant risk of disruption due to external factors is critical to running a successful supply chain – and GS1 Standards provide peace of mind in knowing where your products are, how much of it you have/need, and when it will hit your partners’/consumers’ doorsteps.


Tracing a product through the supply chain starts with the unique identification of products and locations. Identify products with Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and locations with Global Location Numbers (GLNs) from GS1 US. Combined with standardized data capture and exchange, you can support widespread traceability to keep consumers safe.

Once you get into retail, and you’re not just selling on your own website, you need to be legitimate. That’s how we found GS1 US. We know we’re working with a standard, common language that everyone can speak.

Pat Carroll, Paintable Pictures

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