Maximise your sales, simplify operations, and boost revenue.

ChannelEngine connects brands and retailers to over 700 marketplaces and digital sales channels worldwide.

Sellers can automate and streamline ecommerce management, making it easy to manage listings, content, and pricing and synchronize stock levels (across all locations) from one central platform.

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Streamline processes

Sellers can expand to new channels and manage orders, fulfilment, and returns all from one central dashboard.

ChannelEngine also integrates with existing ERPs, PIMs, and third-party logistics platforms, allowing brands to leverage content syndication, optimise margins, and scale more on each channel.

Win the buy box

ChannelEngine monitors your competitor and dynamically adapts your prices to help you win the buy box with the most attractive offer.

Repricing is within your minimum and maximum price limits for each channel. If your competitor is out of stock, your prices return to normal — without any manual updates.

AI product bundles

Our virtual bundling feature allows you to sell unique product bundles and boost sales, especially during peak seasons.

ChannelEngine’s generative AI tool helps you with unique product titles & descriptions, saving valuable time and captivating customers to create more value without incurring extra costs or effort.

Scale globally

Grow on international sales channels by listing your products in different regional languages with local currencies.

Sellers can also issue invoices and collect payouts in their primary currency, and ChannelEngine automatically converts prices across currencies when selling on local and international marketplaces.

Easy fulfilment

If your inventory at a marketplace’s fulfilment centre runs out, your orders can be automatically redirected to your own fulfilment centre or vice versa, ensuring your products continue to sell without any delays.

Orders are automatically routed to the right fulfilment solution, enabling multi-warehouse fulfilment, omnichannel, and hybrid fulfilment.

Detailed insights

Improve your ecommerce operations and effectively report to internal stakeholders. Our channel analytics provide a detailed overview of your sales performance.

You can track your revenue, profits, and expenses and use real-time & historical data from sales, orders, returns, product status, and insights on customer behaviour to make data-driven decisions.

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