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Running an ecommerce business requires a distribution strategy that lets you ship products to customers in all corners of the world. Most Dublin ecommerce brands look to break into new markets outside of Ireland. As one of the biggest ecommerce economies, selling to customers in the US is an opportunity that can’t be missed.

There are many obstacles to fulfilling orders that are shipped all over the world: navigating import duties, calculating extended shipping timelines, and paying expensive international shipping rates, to name a few. That’s why, if your Dublin-based ecommerce business is interested in breaking into new markets such as the US, then you should consider hiring a global 3PL.

An international 3PL can remove or help you navigate these obstacles. Thousands of ecommerce businesses turn to ShipBob for their extensive network of fulfillment centers located in various different regions across the US as well as Ireland and Canada. Sometimes, Dublin-based brands outsource just their US order fulfillment to ShipBob. 

With ShipBob, you not only get domestic shipping rates, with the ability to store your inventory in multiple fulfillment centers, but international shipping rates that lets you ship to anywhere in the world. This allows you to shorten shipping distances and deliver packages faster and at a lower cost. You don’t have to spend time packing boxes and you can pass the savings along for more cost-effective shipping for your customers. 

“I’ve already referred a friend and fellow founder to ShipBob, who already loves how easy the dashboard is to use, since he was using a 3PL’s technology in Ireland that was less than ideal and very manual. I look forward to our continued partnership especially as we hit that next level of growth.”

Leonie Lynch, Founder & CEO of Juspy

The biggest obstacles Dublin-based ecommerce businesses face shipping to the US

Growing ecommerce businesses have a million and one things to worry about, and few have time and energy to spare dealing with the hassle of international shipping and logistics. On top of that, here are other barriers your brand may face. 

Competing against domestic businesses

As a Dublin-based business, you’re asking US customers to pay for premium shipping and/or wait a long time to have your products shipped from Ireland. Meanwhile, there are American companies that can offer domestic rates and timelines.

One way to get around this is by hiring an international 3PL. For example, ShipBob can store your products in our USA, Canada, and/or Ireland fulfillment centers, so there’s no need to ship each order from your Dublin headquarters. 

Calculating shipping rates and distances

International shipping is not only more expensive and takes longer, but it’s also more complex, and that makes calculating the cost and delivery timeline for each package difficult. Ship times are longer and rates more expensive if you’re shipping from Dublin to, say, Los Angeles, California on the US West Coast, than if you are shipping to your neighbor. 

A global 3PL like ShipBob will automatically search the top shipping carriers for the fastest, cheapest route. This gives your customers the best value and shortest delivery timelines, and you don’t have to untangle complicated international shipping routes. Additionally, your US customers will be able to stay up-to-date with their package with automatic order tracking.

Navigating customs

Customs is another hurdle between you and your prospective US customers. Each package needs the proper invoices and a certificate of origin, everything must be declared, and the applicable import duty paid. With everything already on your plate, do you have time to sort through all this?

With ShipBob there’s no need. Simply bulk-ship your inventory to our fulfillment centers and you won’t have to deal with customs for your US orders. 

The ShipBob advantage: how we can help your business grow in the US

Countless businesses, both US-based and Dublin-based, turn to ShipBob for US fulfillment. Why? Because we offer a unique distribution model that can give you a leg up on the competition. We optimize your shipping, your customers get better rates, and this translates into more orders and higher average order value

Distribute your inventory

It all starts with distributed inventory.  With ShipBob you can access multiple fulfillment centers and store your inventory in whichever regions of the US your customers reside. That means less cross-country shipping, shorter shipping distances, and better margins for you. 

For instance, San Francisco-based meal replacement and nutrition company Ample Foods partnered with ShipBob and started shipping from two ShipBob fulfillment centers. As a result, they were able to reduce their bottom line costs by 13% and increase 2-day ground shipping in the US by 103% compared to having only one West Coast fulfillment center. 

“From expanding into a second ShipBob fulfillment center, we are excited to be able to offer 65% of our customers with 2-day shipping, up from 32% by only having a single West Coast facility. Soon, this will be 100%. Not only is this better for our customers but we also gain a 13% savings to our bottom line.”

Pablo Gabatto, Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods

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Improve average order value

The more you charge customers for shipping, the less likely they are to buy. Conversely, if you bring down shipping costs, then your customers are likely to spend more. Case in point: tutu brand iloveplum partnered with ShipBob and saw their AOV increase by 97% with ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping

“Offering ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping by meeting a spend threshold has increased our AOV in these zones by 97% — from $75 to $148. And we were able to scale our business from $300,000 in sales per year to over $1.1 million — a 267% increase — due to ShipBob’s infrastructure, technology, and scalability.”

Ryan Casas, COO of iloveplum

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Increase order volume

With your time freed up to focus on growth, and your customers able to get their products faster and cheaper, you can increase orders and sales. Outdoors brand Kula Cloth started using ShipBob’ fulfillment services and their order volume tripled, allowing the founder to “get her life back.” 

“To say that switching to ShipBob has been life-changing is an understatement. Thinking big picture, it was an incremental cost for me to ultimately sell a lot more. My business has tripled and I got my life back.”

Anastasia Allison, founder of Kula Cloth

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Fulfillment services at our US fulfillment centers

ShipBob provides technology, pick/pack/ship services, warehousing, retail fulfillment and distribution centers across the United States, advanced distribution metrics, and tools to help you scale your business.

Straightforward and fast onboarding

Setting your store up with ShipBob requires no coding or programming knowledge. Once your account is set up, everything else runs on autopilot, allowing you to set reorder notification points to send more inventory and gain insights into your business and shipping performance.  

Pick/pack/ship services

When an order is placed on your online store, it is forwarded to a ShipBob fulfillment center, where our fulfillment professionals then prepare and ship the order, with tracking info sent to the customer. You can also track orders, inventory, and more from your ShipBob dashboard in real-time. 

Integrations and partners

ShipBob’s software is integrated with the leading ecommerce platforms (e.g., Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace, etc.), and we partner with businesses that specialize in solving other pain points you may face — from branded packaging and marketing services to freight and financing options. 

When should I hire a US 3PL?

The right time to outsource US fulfillment to a 3PL will depend on which phase of growth your business is in. Do it too early and you’ll incur substantial costs without generating enough revenue to offset these costs. Do it too late and you’ll miss out on potential business and growth. Here are some common signs that it’s time to start shipping to the US (and that a 3PL can help):

  • Your store is gaining momentum, order volume is growing fast, and you want to expand.
  • You are starting to see significant traffic to your ecommerce store from US sources.
  • Your domestic growth has hit a wall and you are looking for new opportunities. 
  • You want to enter the US market, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of fulfilling international orders. 
  • You want to offer US customers faster and more affordable shipping options. 

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