ShipBob Data Subprocessor List


To support the delivery of our services, ShipBob may engage and use data processors (“Subprocessors”) with access to certain personal information related to our customers. This document provides important information about the identity, location, and purpose of each Subprocessor we use.



The natural or legal person, public authority, agency, or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.
Processor:The natural or legal person, public authority, agency, or other body which processes personal data on behalf of the controller.
Subprocessor: An external service or provider that is enlisted by ShipBob (with ShipBob acting as a Processor) to deliver our solutions and services to our customers (who act as Controllers).

Subprocessor List

ShipBob utilizes the following Subprocessors in conjunction with the ShipBob services as listed below:

Atlassian Inc.Issue Ticketing and Tracking, Internal WikiUnited States
AvananEmail Security, Data Loss PreventionUnited States
ChorusWebcasting and Conference CallingUnited States
CloudFlareWeb Application Firewall and Load BalancingUnited States
EasyPostAddress Validation and Carrier Label PurchasingUnited States
FlavorcloudAddress Validation and Carrier Label PurchasingUnited States
Google WorkspaceBusiness Applications, Email, and Collaboration ToolsUnited States
HellosignContract Administration and Signature ToolUnited States
HubspotMarketing PlatformUnited States
IntercomChat-based Support SystemUnited States
LexionContract Management PlatformUnited States
MailgunTransactional EmailUnited States
Microsoft M365
Microsoft AzureApplication Services, Infrastructure, and StorageUnited States
MongoDBDatabaseUnited States
OutreachSales EngagementUnited States
Pendo.ioPlatform User Experience Analytics and MarketingUnited States
ProposifyContract AdministrationCanada
RetoolSoftware Customization and DevelopmentUnited States
SalesforceCRM Software / Customer SupportUnited States
SendCloudAddress Validation and Carrier Label PurchasingGermany
SendGridTransactional EmailUnited States
SeismicSales Enablement PlatformUnited States
ShippoAddress Validation and Carrier Label PurchasingUnited States
SlackCommunication SoftwareUnited States
StripePayment ProcessingUnited States
TableauData Analytics and ReportingUnited States
OrderfulSupply Chain ManagementUnited States
VonageVOIP ProviderUnited States
ValidityCustomer Data Quality ControlUnited States
AmazonDelivery ServiceUnited States
OSMDelivery ServiceUnited States
ACIDelivery ServiceUnited States
GlobaleCross border shipmentsUK-EU

ShipBob also maintains a list of all of the fulfillment network providers where goods may be stored and shipped from based on merchant distribution channels. Information about these providers can be requested by ShipBob merchants.