Stop Packing Boxes. Switch to ShipBob.

There is a lot that goes into growing your business, so it’s important to use your time wisely. That means, delegating certain tasks to the experts. One of the easiest things to take off your plate is order fulfillment. That’s where a third-party logistics (3PL) company comes in. 

Self-fulfillment might make sense when you’re first starting out, but if order volume continues to rise, packing orders and keeping track of your inventory on your own will soon become costly and time-consuming. 

ShipBob is an expert fulfillment partner with a growing international fulfillment network. We offer the infrastructure, technology, and support you need to make the transition from self-fulfillment to outsourcing easy without losing control over your business. No more managing inventory, packing boxes, and dealing with carriers. 

Outsource Fulfillment

Adelina Zotta & Connor Westby ,

Co-Founders of NutriPaw

We have even bigger ambitions for our business going forward, so we wanted to free up our time to focus on growing our business. <br>We knew it was time to outsource fulfillment to experts like ShipBob.


Connect your online store with ShipBob’s technology.


We store your inventory securely in our fulfillment centers.


Your customer places an order on your store.


We pick, pack, and ship the order to your customer fast.

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A lot of people think, “I don’t want to waste money on a fulfillment provider.” But in reality, partnering with an expert like ShipBob will free up so much of your time, speed up shipping, and lead to a better customer experience.

Tyler McCann,

Co-Founder of Taste Salud

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Logistical Challenges With Self-Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders in-house isn’t easy. Here are the top challenges ecommerce businesses face when they reach the next level of growth. 

  • Scaling is difficult — as your brand grows, so will your order volume. Being unprepared to handle growth will make or break your business.
  • Tracking orders is complex – without the proper resources and technology, tracking every order and responding to customer inquiries on order status can get overwhelming.
  • It’s expensive — if you’re shipping to customers across the United States or internationally, expect to be stuck with high shipping costs. 
  • It’s time-consuming — with limited resources and help, your time is spent packing boxes rather than focusing on business development.
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Save Time, Money, and Headaches with ShipBob

With ShipBob, you can outsource order fulfillment to proven experts with the infrastructure and technology in place to get orders shipped on time and affordably. ShipBob goes beyond your typical 3PL with capabilities from distributed inventory to international fulfillment.

  • Split inventory across warehouses to spread risk and have backup inventory in other locations.
  • Access real-time inventory management across locations and identify slow-moving products.
  • Gain insights into where you should ship from to get orders to customers quickly.
  • View how many days of inventory you have on hand and set reorder points to order more on time.
  • Get started within a week, and have confidence in a long-term scalable fulfillment partner.
  • Receive best-in-class support from the same people who are familiar with your unique needs.
We went from 3-4 people spending all day packing orders, and now we have our manager doing everything herself. And now our team doesn’t have to rely on tribal knowledge for anything! We can rely on the automated system. All we have to do is scan the order, go where the system tells us, pick the item, then pack it. It’s way less stressful than our previous system. ShipBob has saved us time and labor costs.

Adam LaGesse, Global Warehousing Director at Spikeball 

We started out fulfilling orders ourselves, then switched to a 3PL that was recommended to us by our advisors. That partnership worked for a while, but we realized they would not be able to scale with us. We started looking for a true fulfillment partner, and in talking with the ShipBob team, I got a really thorough understanding of what working with them would be like, and knew they would be a good fit for us.

Matt Crane, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Semaine Health

When the company was started, our CEO was managing shipping and logistics himself from his own house. He then moved to a 3PL provider and then a bigger warehouse location due to scale, but shipping to the UK and EU was very expensive. Now, ShipBob manages all of our shipping for the UK, and we use their fulfillment center in Manchester, which makes up over a third of our entire customer base.

Joe Coventry, Marketing & Partnerships Lead at
Rugby Bricks

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Founder & CEO of Peak & Valley tells all

I started off fulfilling B2B orders myself out of my own little warehouse in Seattle, but soon became aware of how extremely challenging it is to manage a warehouse. It would take me hours to input all the data for every B2B order. I quickly discovered that was not for me, and that I wanted to focus on the product and sales.

A little while ago, we transitioned to ShipBob’s automated retail distribution powered by EDI using their SPS Commerce integration, and it was a game-changer. I wish we had opted for it from the start, because it made our fulfillment a lot more seamless.

I have one person on my operations team, and half of his job is managing all of our wholesale fulfillment. Switching from a manual B2B order flow to an automated one has saved him 6.5 hours in just the first month. With ShipBob automatically processing B2B orders, he’s free to focus on other priorities.

Want to keep operations in-house?

By leveraging SHipBob’s industry-leading warehouse management system (WMS), you can power your warehouse operations with the same software used to manage inventory and fulfill orders for thousands of brands at ShipBob’s 50+ warehouses around the globe.

Get access to ShipBob’s WMS for your business, whether you are just getting started with your first warehouse, are a Fortune 1000 brand with multiple established warehouses, or are somewhere in between, to to increase accuracy, gain visibility, and improve productivity.

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How do I get started with ShipBob?

It’s easy. Fill out this form to request a fulfillment quote. A ShipBob representative will reach out to discuss your unique business needs and provide custom pricing. We’ll get you set up to start shipping from one or more of our fulfillment centers quickly. To learn more about how easy it is to get up and running with ShipBob, click here and here

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Will I save on fulfillment costs?

When outsourcing fulfillment to ShipBob, you’re given access to a growing international fulfillment network, which offers the ability to split inventory across locations, so you can optimize shipping routes to reduce shipping costs and time in transit. 

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When should I outsource fulfillment?

There is no right time to outsource fulfillment, but some of the most common reasons why fast-growing brands turn to a 3PL include: A significant influx in order volume, lack of time, high shipping costs, not enough resources and support, and more.  ShipBob offers the infrastructure and technology you need to grow your business.