Summer ‘23 Release

Introducing Inventory Placement, Long-Term Storage, B2B for 100+ retailers, Netherlands, and more.

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Optimize Your Supply Chain

Inventory Placement for Hands-Off Inventory Distribution 🇺🇸

Send your inventory to one US location, and let us do the rest. ShipBob’s Inventory Placement Program (IPP) means your team doesn’t have to manage multi-location inbound shipments or identify the most optimal fulfillment center locations on your own.

We’ve updated our SKU distribution model with improvements to demand forecasting and new logic for hero sites (a fulfillment center that houses all SKUs under one roof to prevent splits), head and tail SKUs (your higher volume and lower volume products), and rebalance points.

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Mithu Kuna

Co-Founder & CEO of Baby Doppler

ShipBob has made the inventory allocation process so much more streamlined for us. All we do is create the WRO sending inventory to a hub location, and then everything is taken care of from there. Inventory Placement is a no-brainer.

Long-Term Storage 🇺🇸

Have excess or slow-moving inventory? Save money by storing surplus inventory in long-term storage with reduced rates.

We’re starting our US rollout with our first long-term facility in California (available for customers storing inventory in any ShipBob California fulfillment center). We will expand this to more dedicated regional sites in the US later this year.

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Receiving Hubs 🇺🇸

Dedicated receiving hubs are transforming our US fulfillment network, improving reliability, accuracy, inventory visibility, and traceability at every step.

ShipBob’s West, Midwest, Northeast, and Southwest hubs are live, with our next hub launching in the Southeast later this Summer. Learn more.

Custom Cluster Picking (ShipBob WMS) 🇺🇸

In addition to flexible picking options for batch, single-order, auto-cluster, and custom cluster, ShipBob WMS now lets you cluster orders with the same custom package type.

Dashboard Navigation
Improvements 🌏

Coming in August, your left-hand navigation bar will get some improvements! You will see a:

  1. Reorganized navigation panel to access pages with fewer clicks
  2. Modernized account settings page
  3. New Rules page to view and manage order rules from one place

New Product Catalog
(Early Access) 🌏

Our new Product Catalog will make it much easier and faster to manage operations across sales channels, SKUs, variants, and bundles. ShipBob will gradually roll this out to all merchants over the next year.

If you have an Amazon or Shopify store you can get started now.

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Sell Everywhere

ShipBob’s ability to service both D2C and B2B has enabled us to build more consistent procedures and practices across our different sales channels.

Along with Chewy, we’re also fulfilling orders through Amazon, as they are the two biggest online pet sales channels in the US. We utilize ShipBob’s EDI solution that is connected to our 3rd party EDI platform SPS Commerce for our Chewy orders, ShipBob’s direct integration with Amazon for FBA orders, and we’re even exploring additional channels that ShipBob supports, such as

Being an omnichannel brand is critical for us, so we can reach more pet lovers from more places. We’re glad that ShipBob helps us keep up with demand from all the places we reach our customers.

Stephanie Lee, Co-CEO at PetLab Co.

B2B, Your Way, for 100+ Retailers 🇺🇸

With the ability for consumers to buy in store, buy online, and even buy online and pick up in store, it’s difficult to grow market share unless you sell through multiple commerce channels.

You can connect to over 100 retailers through seamless EDI integrations, launching your business across a variety of channels including Amazon, retailer dropshipping programs, and selling in brick-and-mortar shops.

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Prep & Ship to Retailers from Dedicated B2B Sites 🇺🇸

Scale your B2B fulfillment operations through our new dedicated B2B sites in the US that are focused on supporting high-volume wholesale retail distribution merchants and equipped with on-site B2B specialists to support operational excellence for all B2B order types.

Fulfill B2B Orders Using Any EDI Platform 🇺🇸

Achieve seamless B2B integration(s) with your EDI partner(s) of choice. We’ve made it easy to connect with retailers using your preferred EDI partner, creating integrations with new retailers and EDI partners in a matter of days, instead of months.

Fulfill Shopify B2B Ecommerce 🌏

Attention, Shopify B2B and wholesale store owners! You can now easily identify and fulfill your Shopify B2B ecommerce orders with ShipBob by simply adding an order tag rule to your shop.

Using the order tag “ShipBob-B2B” automates fulfillment of your Shopify B2B and wholesale stores, and includes a generic GS1 label and packing slip for each B2B ecommerce order. Plus, tracking information will automatically be uploaded to Shopify!

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See How B2B Orders Are Packed & Palletized 🇺🇸

Experience unrivaled B2B order fulfillment visibility in the ShipBob dashboard. View the pallet dims and weights of orders, boosting transparency and operational efficiency, and take control of your freight routing for a seamless, touchless B2B shipment experience.

Go Global

“We were really excited to hear that ShipBob was opening a Netherlands fulfillment centre as working with Shipbob has enabled Owl Labs to efficiently ship to global customers. ShipBob has always been a supportive partner and having our goods in the Netherlands means that our customers will receive their packages quickly.”

Danielle Brown, Sr. Director of Global Supply at Owl Labs

Netherlands Launched as 8th Fulfillment Center Outside of USA 🌏

Reach European shoppers faster from ShipBob’s fifth European location that’s open in Venray, Netherlands.

We’ve partnered with couriers, GLS, Spring Global, and UPS, to deliver orders within all of Europe in 1-5 days. You can also ship to 200+ countries DDU (with DDP shipping coming to the Netherlands later this year).

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🇬🇧 United Kingdom


🇪🇺 Europe

📍Gorzow, Poland
📍Venray, Netherlands 

🇦🇺 Australia


🇨🇦 Canada

📍Brampton, Ontario

🇺🇸 United States

📍40+ US Warehouses 

🌏 Global Shipping

📍Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) to 200+ countries from all ShipBob location
📍Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) 
to 200+ countries from US, Canada, and UK locations

New carrier service in the UK 🇬🇧

Starting in late August, merchants shipping from any of ShipBob’s UK locations can request to utilize Royal Mail’s Large Letter ship option (a cost-saving service for orders weighing < 750 grams).

Shopify Crossborder Compliance 🌏

In August, we’re updating our integration with Shopify to sync Shopper Tax ID and Country of Origin to ensure cross-border shipments are delivered without any customs issues or delivery delays.

Delight Shoppers

“We used to have a lot more complaints with 2-day shipping before partnering with ShipBob, but with our inventory strategically distributed, we can cut lead times and really follow through on the 2-day promise.”

Mithu Kuna, Co-Founder and CEO of Baby Doppler

Ship Orders Faster and Cheaper with Inventory Placement 🇺🇸

Get the ‘easy’ button to strategically distribute products across US fulfillment centers to meet delivery promises and reduce shipping costs.

Using ShipBob-generated insights into your unique customer mix and order history, we physically transport your inventory from one location to many to optimize your zone mix for lower shipping costs and faster delivery times.

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Custom Branded Packing Slips (ShipBob WMS) 🇺🇸

Customize an 8×11-inch letter-sized template directly from your ShipBob dashboard to print at your pack stations in your warehouse.

Use flexible settings to upload your brand’s logo, write a custom note to customers, and display gift messages to make a lasting impression on customers.

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Resolve exception orders faster 🌏

Avoid delivery delays to your customers with more details about why specific orders are in exception, along with suggestions to resolve.

Connect & Build Anything

Meet Channel-Specific Requirements For NetSuite 🌏 & Walmart 🇺🇸

Starting in late July, we’re improving order syncs for our NetSuite and Walmart integrations, so we can apply sales channel-specific rules (like priority and carrier restrictions) and provide you with better visibility into the sales channels where your orders originated from.

Self-serve API Updates 🌏

Improve visibility and security when generating API access tokens in your ShipBob dashboard with the newly released ability for account owners to revoke API tokens. Learn more or visit ShipBob’s Developer Documentation.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

ShipBob’s WMS makes it almost impossible to do things wrong. Eliminating the potential for human error during picking and packing has been great. That was our biggest problem before. Last time I checked, our error rate was less than 1%. We’re shipping out over 10,000 orders per month.

Clint Sanders,
VP of Operations of Bunker Branding

Go Global

ShipBob has been a big help with us hitting international markets, having one central system to fulfill orders in the US, Australia, and Canada. We are able to penetrate those markets better because more customers will actually get the glasses they ordered in days instead of weeks.

Jourdan Davis,
Operations Manager at Pit Viper

Sell Everywhere

Learning to tailor our sales strategy, marketing, and packaging to each retailer’s requirements has been a challenge, but that’s where ShipBob really comes in handy. ShipBob is EDI-compliant with dozens of popular retailers, and their API integrations make it possible for them to fulfill orders according to each retailer’s compliance guidelines.

Aaron Patterson,
COO of The Adventure Challenge

Delight Shoppers

Since switching to ShipBob from other 3PLs, our overall customer rating has been climbing steadily to get closer to our previous nearly perfect 5/5 rating, I believe largely due to improved shipping performance and service levels provided by ShipBob.

Mithu Kuna,
Co-Founder & CEO of Baby Doppler

Connect & Build Anything

If we experience any issues with syncing orders between systems, there’s one place we go to reconcile it. ShipBob is connected to our ERP, NetSuite, which is our single source of truth. Now we only have one place to troubleshoot and resolve potential issues across all logistics.

Adam LaGesse,
Global Warehousing Director at Spikeball

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