Maximize Profitability with Section 321 Fulfillment

Are import fees impacting your bottom line? Avoid costly US import duty and tariff costs with Section 321 fulfillment.

Learn how ShipBob can help you bypass tariffs and fulfill orders directly to US customers from our warehouses in Canada and/or Mexico .

“ShipBob is the right system for a brand that wants to scale across the world. Having inventory in different countries but only one dashboard and point of contact simplifies the process of global expansion.”

The IZIMINI team

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Ship Orders to Consumers in the US from Canada and Mexico

Maximize revenue and keep logistics costs down by importing your inventory into ShipBob’s 321-compliant warehouses in Canada and/or Mexico and shipping individual orders to your US customers.

🇨🇦 Section 321 from Canada: ShipBob’s Toronto warehouses are live and ready to ship your 321 orders! 

🇲🇽 Section 321 from Mexico: ShipBob’s location in Mexico is live and ready to ship your 321 orders. 

ShipBob will walk you through the process of sending freight to our Section 321-compliant warehouses, along with other Section 321 considerations. 

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Save Money

Save on importing costs when shipping products with a retail value less than or equal to USD $800 to the US. If you’re manufacturing goods overseas that are subject to high import fees, ShipBob can help you eliminate costly duty fees for eligible orders and improve your bottom line. 

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Save Time

Speed up the cross-border shipping process when you partner with ShipBob. We can help you reduce the paperwork required to import your products into the US and delight your US customers with fast, seamless delivery. 

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Unlock Best-In-Class Logistics

Our Canada and Mexico warehouses run on ShipBob’s proprietary warehouse management system, deliver our standard SLAs, and are supported by our experienced team to provide the same level of world-class fulfillment and transparency. 

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Section 321 from Canada to the US

Fulfill Section 321 orders to US shoppers from any of ShipBob’s Toronto area locations .

Our Toronto warehouses are non-bonded, which means you’ll pay Canadian duties upon entry into Canada, but then file a duty drawback to recoup costs via ShipBob’s preferred partner, Canusa Logistics.

In addition to 321 fulfillment, you can ship orders to customers within Canada and internationally (via DDU shipping) to 250+ destinations worldwide from one pool of inventory in Canada.

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Section 321 from Mexico to the US

ShipBob’s Mexico location is dedicated to fulfilling Section 321-compliant orders to shoppers in the US.

Our bonded warehouse in Tijuana means you never pay duties or taxes to bring inventory into Mexico.

Plus, it’s strategically located so you can easily and cost-effectively import your products into California ports.

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Connect your store to ShipBob’s dashboard and specify which products are Section 321 compliant. 


Import your goods into our fulfillment centers in Canada or Mexico. 


Your US customer places an order with a retail order value less than or equal to USD $800. 


ShipBob picks, packs, and labels your Section 321-eligible orders in Canada or Mexico. 


The Section 321-eligible orders are transported across the border into the US and delivered to the closest ShipBob regional hub. 


Carriers pick up these orders from the ShipBob hub and deliver the orders to your customers.