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Zentail is an ecommerce operations platform for brands looking to be seen everywhere their customers shop. It’s the fastest solution for getting listed on multiple channels while maintaining control over your retail ecosystem.

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Sell in More Places

Set up shop on new marketplaces—in half the normal time. Zentail saves you the trouble of plugging in data over and over again by syncing your catalog across various channels, including Amazon, Walmart Marketplace and eBay. Multiply your sales without multiplying your work.

Master Your Listings

Every marketplace has its quirks. Zentail helps you to navigate these differences and avoid costly listing errors by formatting product data for you. Enjoy additional tools for applying bulk edits, customizing listings per channel and managing variations all from one place.

Boost AOV with Kits

Gain a competitive edge by listing products as multipacks or virtual bundles. This integration not only allows you to list under unique ASINs, but to also track stock around individual and bundled SKUs to avoid overselling.

Prevent Overselling

Keep inventory in sync 24/7. When you make a sale, Zentail will automatically reserve inventory and update listed quantities on all of your channels. Set inventory thresholds for even tighter control and get a bird’s eye view of all of your warehouses.

Forecast in Real Time

Work outside a typical 30, 60 or 90-day forecasting window. Zentail helps you to improve your inventory turnover rate by providing real-time insight into the health, profitability and opportunity cost of every SKU in your catalog.

Automate Purchasing

Reorder products in minutes. Zentail will auto-fill product and supplier details on your POs, helping you to move fast and capitalize on key moments. Once a PO is accepted, Zentail will also update your inventory and keep track of inbound shipments.

McCombs processes thousands of orders a day across several ecommerce platforms, so my job would be chaotic—or near impossible, to be honest—had it not been for Zentail and the integrations and automations it provides.

Jose Lopez III

Operations Manager McCombs Supply

Zentail can adjust inventory so much quicker than any other system I’ve ever used. Last year, we were overselling once or twice a week. We didn’t experience that this year at all.

Martin Mitchell

Online Sales Manager at DNW Outdoors

With Zentail, our revenue grew 50% overnight by having properly listed products on the various channels and an inventory system that made it easy to scale our operations.

Allen Doan

CEO of Cácee

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