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Analyze and Automate your order fulfillment with ShipBob and Skubana

Skubana excels at making operational complexity more manageable. It unifies order and inventory data from across your ecosystem and makes it easy to analyze and automate, no matter how much you grow. With a few clicks, you can automate order routing, shipping, inventory, and purchasing tasks.

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ShipBob + Skubana

Why use ShipBob + Skubana integration for your operations?

One Source of Truth

See your entire multi-channel landscape with one dashboard for all your channels, warehouses and products. Our platform makes it easy to integrate all of your essential partners, points of sales and Shipbob fulfillment centers with native and add-on integrations.

Smarter Automation

Proactively generate POs and forecasts, identify the best shipping deals, and find new opportunities for cost cutting and profitability. Program Orderbots to manage your most complex workflows, while allocation rules and inventory controls keep products in-stock.

Data to Power Growth

Get cross-channel reporting with detailed data on revenue, orders, customers, and inventory. Make smarter decisions with forecasting tools that help you track profits and maximize your best channels. Discover new opportunities and zero-in on your best customers.

Tools to Stay On Top

Cloud-based order management makes customization easy. Seamlessly integrate with all of your essential partners using our App Store or API-based interconnectivity. Easily find apps for payments, accounting, warehouse management, EDI connections, and more.

Marketplace Compatible

Connect to the world’s largest online marketplaces. Native integrations into retail giants like Amazon, Target, Etsy and Walmart to grow your brand on a global stage. Looking for niche or regional marketplaces like MercadoLibre or NewEgg? We’ve got those too.

Wholesale Compatible

Sell your products at big-box retailers using plug-and-play EDI integrations that follow the strict protocols required by the world’s largest merchants. Monitor orders for quick and cost-effective fulfillment, while keeping inventory balanced and products in-stock.

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