Skubana is the leading multi-channel ERP that serves as your operational nervous system, streamlining and automating inventory and order management, fulfillment and purchasing.

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The Operating System of Commerce™

Skubana enables brands and retailers to unify their back-office operations, manage inventory, fulfill orders, analyze data across multiple sales channels from one source.

Unified view of orders and inventory across multiple channels and warehouses

Advanced order routing rules and inventory allocation features

High-volume batch shipping

Cross-channel profitability reports, forecasting, and demand planning

Automated PO development based on sales velocity and available inventory

Scalability and unlimited plug-and-play optimization via open API and app store

Wherever you sell and however you fulfill, Skubana has your back every step of the way.

ShipBob + Skubana

Through the ShipBob and Skubana integration, you gain access to:

Order Automation: Set order automation rules in Skubana to streamline repetitive tasks and route orders to be fulfilled by ShipBob.

End-to-End Communication: Full connectivity between Skubana, ShipBob, and your sales channels to communicate order information and shipment updates.

“God Mode” Inventory View: Instantly reflect inventory at ShipBob on all sales channels connected to Skubana. Further, customize inventory updates by modifying how many units are shown on your channels to mitigate overselling.

Unified Data: Data imported from ShipBob is combined with other warehouse data, optimizing purchasing, stock replenishment, and stock transfers between warehouses.

ShipBob Skubana