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Everything we do starts with the user. With their journey in mind, we leverage testing to effectively map the site structure, serve them the content they want most, and keep it all delightful.

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We’re hungry for what’s next, but maintain a steady diet of what’s working. We build while we dream—testing and prototyping form, features, and functionality from the beginning of the project and ensuring a strong, reliable, and ultimately successful site.

It’s All About the Details

Your e-commerce site doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We understand the various processes and integrations you’ll need to make the ship run right, or rather, turn it into a nuclear submarine.

Michael Aram uses Seamonster Studios for all its development work. They’re not only prompt in their work, they’re committed to ensuring the highest quality is delivered. We’ve dealt with Madison Avenue agencies that couldn’t provide this level of service. Very happy we found them.

David Lindberg

VP of Brand, Michael Aram

ShipBob Partners

ShipBob + SeaMonster Studios

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