Automate your post-purchase process to maximize revenue.

ReturnGO is a leading return management platform that boosts revenue and sustainability by automating the entire post-purchase process.

With data-driven insights and advanced automation capabilities, ReturnGO empowers stores to offer customers a self-service return experience that builds loyalty, reduces waste, and increases sales.

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Retain Customers

Keep your customers coming back for more by offering a hassle-free returns experience.

By offering a self-service return and exchange portal, you can increase LTV, boost customer loyalty, and build positive long-term customer relationships, with 60% of customers going on to make more purchases after exchanging.

Maximize Revenue

Boost your bottom line just like other businesses who’ve reduced refunds by over 40% with ReturnGO.

Our automated returns solution lets you quickly process return requests, encourage exchanges and store credit over refunds, and keep more revenue in your store. The result? Reduced costs and increased profits.

Get Data Insights

ReturnGO’s AI-powered analytics give you actionable insights into your returns data to help you optimize your returns process, inventory management, and sales strategies.

Take control of your business, turning returns into an asset with data-driven decisions that reduce return rates, boost revenue, and minimize waste.

Automate Workflows

Speed up the returns process and boost customer satisfaction with ReturnGO’s advanced automation capabilities.

Automate your entire post-purchase process, including order tracking, checking return eligibility, issuing refunds and exchanges, and automatically updating your customers on their return status. Streamline your workflows to save time and money while delighting your customers.

Give Refund Options

Retain revenue by offering smart refund alternatives, keeping profits in-house through options like exchanges, store credit, and gift cards, as well as bonus credit to further incentivize future purchases.

Tailor your approach to meet customers’ unique needs, promoting eco-friendly and convenient solutions that incentivize future purchases while staying sustainable and profitable.

Handle Any Scenario

Create a customized return policy with unlimited rules and conditions, enabling you to effortlessly resolve any return scenario and ensure an excellent return experience without involving customer support.

From gift returns to complex promotions, ReturnGO helps you handle it all, leaving no customer request unanswered.

ReturnGO offers a brilliant way to prompt customers to consider alternatives, and increase LTV and customer satisfaction.

Darin Archer

CSO, Elastic Path

With ReturnGO, you create a return portal on your site that offers a similar, and even easier, experience to major retailers like Amazon or Target.

Mark Costigliola

eCommerce Operations Manager, Travelpro

ReturnGO is an innovative startup offering unique capabilities not available in other solutions on the market.

Felix Leshno

Co-Founder and CXO, Underoutfit

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