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Connect, manage and automate commerce operations

Linnworks connects, manages and automates commerce operations, powering businesses to sell wherever their customers are and capture every revenue opportunity. Grow your business with multichannel capability, easily automate with connected operations and intelligently control commerce with centralized management and data in a single platform. Linnworks powers businesses to drive growth and boost brand success.

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ShipBob + Linnworks

Why use ShipBob + Linnworks for your order management?

easy integration

Multichannel Listing

Manage and optimize product listings across all your selling channels, saving time and reducing errors.

Inventory Management

Be in control with a real-time view on inventory levels across all sales channels from one centralized location and streamline stock management workflows.

Order Management

Manage and process online sales from across your selling channels in one location.

Shipping Management

Connect with ShipBob and apply bespoke shipping rules to automate shipping and fulfillment.


Get full visibility of your order and inventory data across key selling channels to monitor performance and growth.

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