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Klaviyo is the unified customer platform that pulls together all customer data, email, SMS, and more under one solution and makes this data – like customer behaviors and preferences – accessible and actionable to every marketer.

Over 90,000 of the fastest-growing online brands use Klaviyo to send and automate highly-personalized email and SMS at scale, unify all their customer data and performance data in one place, and scale their owned marketing channels – with no coding required.

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Klaviyo’s built-in database was built from the ground up for unlimited speed, scale and flexibility to power growth on your own terms.


Grow without the guesswork — Klaviyo’s built-in Learning tools show how the metrics that matter are performing, while surfacing recommendations on how to improve.


Klaviyo provides all the powerful and intuitive tools you need to target the right people, increase your subscribers, and drive more growth in the channels that matter most.

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