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Forward-thinking retailers like Rothy’s, American Giant and Huckberry choose Happy Returns to offer a fully-branded online flow with intelligent one-click suggestions, multiple return options, international support, and a real time view of available inventory. They retain revenue, reduce costs, give shoppers choice, and make their supply chains sustainable—ultimately making returns beautiful for brands, shoppers, and the planet.

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Optimize Returns & Exchanges

Decrease total overall refunds while increasing exchanges. You’ll keep more sales and longer term customers for your brand. Happy Returns one-click suggestions encourage exchanges over refunds.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Customers save an average of 20% their first year, 10% guaranteed. With Happy Returns’ software, you’ll gain instant access to the low shipping rates they earn from their high volume of returns across their entire customer base.

Increase Customer LTV

Raise shopper loyalty and lifetime value with a hassle-free, personalized, and intuitive experience for your customers.

Automate Returns Customer Service

Happy Returns’ software simplifies the return process for your shoppers, reducing their need to call customer service for help. You’ll save money by freeing up your support team to deal with other business issues. They’ll take care of the exchanges and returns.

Top Ecommerce Platform Integrations

The integration supports ShipBob merchants that use the Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Magento who refund on carrier departure scan. All return shipments are sent to one destination per retailer.

How are returns an opportunity?

Forward-thinking retailers use returns to improve their business in four ways:

  1. Retain revenue. Over half of all returns are made because of a size issue. Turn refunds into exchanges by making them as easy as one click. 
  2. Reduce costs. Most retailers overspend on traditional reverse logistics. They save 20% on average when they accept exchanges and returns in-person, and ship aggregated items in bulk. 
  3. Raise customer loyalty. Three in four shoppers say returns are the most painful part of online shopping, and 87% won’t ever shop with a retailer again after a painful returns experience. Conversely, retailers find their most valuable customers shop, return, and exchange the most often. 
  4. Enhance sustainability. Ecommerce returns waste one billion trees per year. Replacing cardboard boxes with reusable containers, paired with shipping in bulk, saves trees and amplifies your values.

What makes Happy Returns different from other returns solutions?

Happy Returns’ online software and reverse logistics were the first — and remain the industry’s only — end-to-end returns solution. Only Happy Returns’ comprehensive solution offers:

  • Intelligent one-click exchanges that increase exchange rates up to 2X the industry average.
  • A nationwide network of 700+ Return Bars that don’t require printing or packaging. Returns are contact-free, take less than 60 seconds, and offer immediate refunds.
  • A cardboard-free returns program that helps retailers save an average of 20% because items are commingled to bulkship inside eco-friendly reusable packaging.
  • Bicoastal Return Hubs where items are inspected, processed, and bulk-shipped back to your preferred location.

Why is optimizing exchanges inevitable?

By simply offering one-click exchanges in their online returns flows, Happy Returns customers increase exchanges up to 36%. The suggestions intelligently reflect what shoppers say they don’t like about the product.

What is a one-click exchange?

When a shopper says an item is, for example, too small, intuitive software shows the next bigger size available. Shoppers then exchange items with a single click.

How do aggregated shipping and reusable packaging benefit my business?

Items that are shipped in bulk in reusable packaging make your supply chain more efficient, affordable, and sustainable. Plus, eco-friendly practices amplify your values.

Why should retailers outsource returns management?

When you piecemeal your returns management process, you overspend on reverse logistics and likely overburden your customer service team, too. Happy Returns offers the industry’s only end-to-end solution, which means they work with you every step of the way — initiating, accepting, and processing exchanges and returns.

Who benefits from Happy Returns and ShipBob’s partnership?

ShipBob merchants that use the Shopify or Shopify Plus for their ecommerce platform and who refund on carrier departure scan. These retailers can now expand their return on investment to:

  • Decrease refunds and increase exchanges.
  • Reduce shipping costs with Happy Returns’ low carrier rates.
  • Raise shopper lifetime value with a hassle-free and personalized experience.
  • Automate a portion of customer service, thereby reducing costs further.

To learn more about Happy Returns’ returns software and reverse logistics, please visit the following page.

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