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Cymbio grants ShipBob merchants with a fully automated marketplace and drop ship integration. Their end-to-end platform connects you with hundreds of retailers, streamlining retail set-up, product data, imagery, inventory, orders, billing, tracking, returns, and so much more. With their simple, one-click integration, you’ll begin automating all operations – expanding your reach and scaling your business.

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One Platform

One holistic hub handling the full retail set-up from A-Z for marketplaces, drop ship programs and boutiques.


They work with all systems, data-sets and protocols, from ERP’s to eComm platforms. No matter what systems you use – Cymbio supports it!

Day-to-Day Management

Replace manual operations, including pre-configured rules, complying with retailers’ specific requirements.

Time to Live

Go live in a matter of days compared to the traditional 4-9 month integration period. Following one integration, you’ll be able to launch on any new retailer’s site in a matter of a click.

ShipBob Partner

ShipBob + Cymbio

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