ShipBob as your fulfillment center.

Chicago-based ShipBob has multiple warehouse facilities strategically placed across to the United States – including one in Chicago – so you can offer service that’s on par with the largest national retailers.

A fulfillment center like ShipBob enables online merchants to outsource the warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping of their orders. Self-fulfillment can be time-consuming and inefficient, but with a fulfillment center, companies in Chicago can reduce the time staff spends on administrative tasks, as well as lower shipping rates.

ShipBob can handle high volumes of product in a tight timeframe. ShipBob even enables two-day shipping across the continental United States at discounted rates, so that even startups and small businesses  can offer the same service as national retailers.

When using ShipBob as a fulfillment center, Chicago clients receive a wide range of services:

  • Inventory management. With ShipBob, it’s fast and easy to track inventory levels so you know when to repurchase items, ensuring that customers never experience an “Item Sold Out” status. ShipBob even sends low inventory reminders, notifying you to replenish it.
  • Order management. Whether you want to track the delivery of a package or answer a customer question, it’s easy with ShipBob’s central dashboard. It’s updated in real-time and always available.
  • Distributed inventory. ShipBob allows customers to split their inventory across their fully owned fulfillment centers (including Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and several more popping up over). With multiple warehouses, you can strategically distribute your inventory to keep it closer to your end customers, decreasing the time customers wait for deliveries, as well as the shipping costs.
  • Branded packaging. Unboxing a package is a standard part of your customers’ experience with your brand. ShipBob knows that and wants your customers to experience you brand fully. Whether you want to use your own branded packaging or ShipBob’s free plain brown boxes, ShipBob’s name never appears on the box; it’s always your brand front and center.
  • World-class support. ShipBob is here for you, day or night. As your local fulfillment center, Chicago clients have customer support staff close to home.

ShipBob streamlines your order fulfillment process. From inventory management and storage to picking and packing orders, ShipBob ensures the highest level of service possible.

Most companies don’t go into business to pack boxes. Unless picking and packing boxes is a core aspect of your business, ShipBob can likely bring great value, cost savings, and service for a low monthly fee. By utilizing someone who does fulfillment full-time and is an efficient expert in the space, you have one less thing to do and worry about. By keeping your quality standards high and prices low, you’ll keep your customers happy.

Outsourcing order fulfillment to ShipBob will save you time and money. You’ll eliminate administrative tasks, decrease the number of mis-picks and mis-ships, and speed up delivery times.

If you are wondering if a fulfillment center in Chicago is right for you, consider if you fit into any of these categories:

  • Online merchant that does not own or lease their own warehouse
  • Retailer with sales that fluctuate widely or seasonally throughout the year
  • Establishment that’s interested in expanding into new markets
  • E-commerce company that wants to reduce administrative tasks that could easily be outsourced
  • Merchant that’s simply too busy to keep up with the number of orders rolling in

At the end of the day, a fulfillment center in Chicago can be a powerful ally for online merchants looking to offer faster delivery times and reduce shipping costs. ShipBob offers as easy way to step into the world of outsourced product fulfillment.

You can try out ShipBob today for free with no commitment.

See for yourself how a fulfillment center in Chicago can save you time and money.



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