Fulfillment for Home Goods Brands

Brands looking to help their customers improve and beautify their living spaces can leverage ShipBob to fulfill orders and deliver a delightful post-purchase experience. 

ShipBob is a leading global omnifulfillment provider with a network of 50+ fulfillment centers across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, all powered by our proprietary software.  

Not looking to outsource fulfillment? Home goods brands that fulfill orders in-house can leverage ShipBob’s powerful WMS to streamline warehouse operations and boost efficiency.  

Connect with our team of fulfillment professionals to learn how ShipBob’s services can help your brand scale. 

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We went viral again in January of 2021, after Food Huggers appeared on The Today Show. Our order volume just exploded! In the first week alone, it increased 786% compared to our previous weekly average. It was a tight, tight crunch — but thanks to ShipBob, we were able to keep up with the crazy demand no problem, and fulfill 97.3% of the orders on time!  
Partnering with ShipBob allows us to not only do really well in moments like these, but really enjoy them without worrying about fulfillment capacity. Whether we’re doing regular order volumes or selling a year’s worth of orders in one day, ShipBob is prepared and able to fulfill those orders. ShipBob’s ability to handle such big spikes allows us to be there for customers no matter when they order, and gets us excited about growth instead of getting overwhelmed by it.

Director of Operations at Food Huggers

Juliana Brasil

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Inventory placement 

With ShipBob’s Inventory Placement Program, brands can streamline operations and reclaim time previously spent on manually distributing inventory by sending products to just one ShipBob facility and letting us do the rest. Leveraging our Ideal Inventory Distribution tool and historical order data, you can strategically allocate inventory across the US to minimize shipping costs and times.  


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Support for fragile and heavyweight items 

ShipBob will store your inventory and get your fragile items delivered without breaking. In addition to following any specific packing instructions, our team uses a box selection algorithm choose the right box size based on the item’s dimensions, and we offer different types of dunnage to protect items.  

ShipBob can also ship heavy or oversized items for home goods merchants.

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Section 321 shipping 

ShipBob helps brands leverage a legal Section 321 to clear shipments of eligible goods through customs tax and duty-free, as long as the shipment complies with the de minimis threshold of $800. 

Brands can import products into ShipBob’s facilities in Canada or Mexico, near US borders. 321-compliant orders are then automatically routed to these Canada or Mexico sites, where they are picked, packed, and transported across the US border to ShipBob’s regional hubs for pickup and last-mile delivery. 

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Customization Suite  

ShipBob’s Customizations Suite enables your business to create unforgettable unboxings that will delight your customers. Brands can use their own custom branded boxes and poly mailers, include marketing inserts to encourage repeat purchasing, and even give customers the option to include personalized gift notes.   

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Omnichannel fulfillment through a single partner 

Connect your ecommerce platform to popular retailers to reach customers wherever they shop for their health and wellness solutions.  

ShipBob can fulfill retail dropshipping and retail distribution orders for retailers such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, TikTok Shop, Anthropology, Costco, Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Sur La Table, The Paper Store, West Elm, and more. Gain real-time visibility and control over inventory and fulfillment across all your sales channels with one partner to fulfill your ‘everything’ orders. 

Little ELF shipped 80K units in 5 weeks with ShipBob 

Food Huggers supported a 497% sales growth MoM