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ShipBob Gives

In partnership with our Employee Resource Groups and the Culture Committee, we organize and participate in events and fundraisers that help raise awareness around important causes we care about. We also partner with non-profit organizations like giveNkind that donates unsellable inventory to those in need.  Some of our recent initiatives in 2023 include:

  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship – a Shark Tank like experience where team memberswork over the course of the year in 4 sessions (1 hour each) to help coach and provide feedback, empowering business proposals for High School students.
  • Women’s History Month T-Shirts – the proceeds from these shirts went to, a nonprofit whose mission is to provide women and girls with access to the education and training they need to achieve economic empowerment.

In addition, we use company allocated funds to make a difference in the community. Any employee can submit a request for the charity of their choice! In 2022, we placed USD $11,750 in donations to 21 causes nominated by ShipBob employees.

Manager, Revenue Enablement

Jen Rogers

ShipBob Gives is a huge part of our culture. It is great to coordinate events for charities chosen by ShipBob employees! Not only do they give back to the community, but they are a ton of fun! As a remote first company, we are able to engage with communities virtually and expand our charitable efforts outside of Chicago to causes near and dear to the ShipBob family, globally!

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