Business Continuity Through COVID-19

With the realities of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, many ecommerce brands are wondering how to keep their business on track. One important aspect of longevity is a healthy supply chain.

While other 3PLs are closing and Amazon is shutting down its services for thousands of companies, all eight of our fulfillment centers in the United States and Canada are fully operational.

Anticipating volume swings due to fluctuations in consumer spending, dealing with manufacturing delays and government action, staying on top of rulings across various countries states, and cities, paying attention to updates from carriers, and meeting customer expectations can bring many challenges in an uncertain time.

As the leading fulfillment provider, ShipBob offers the services, technology, and support you need to move your business forward and grow — even through new and unique circumstances.

Having a good fulfillment partner is more important now than ever, and partnering with ShipBob brings business continuity to your supply chain.

Speak to a Fulfillment Expert

Tim Fink,

Co-Founder of EnduroSport

Just as states were shutting down from Coronavirus, we sent inventory to three ShipBob fulfillment centers. Our first batch of inventory was received and ready to be shipped the next day. Nine days after talking to ShipBob, we were shipping orders.


Connect your store and send us your products


We store your inventory securely in our fulfillment centers


Your customer places an order on your store


We pick, pack, and ship the order to your customer fast

We tried Amazon, but ShipBob packages our products correctly and with better rates. While Amazon was turning other companies away, here we got our own Account Manager.

Fernanda Gomez Ocejo,

Director of Supply Chain at Open Water

How ShipBob Partners With You

With ShipBob, you can outsource your fulfillment to proven experts with a distributed network to get orders to customers safely and on time.

  • Split inventory across warehouses to spread risk and have backup inventory in other locations.
  • Access real-time inventory management across locations and identify slow-moving products.
  • Gain insights into where you should ship from to get orders to customers quickly.
  • View how many days of inventory you have on hand and set reorder points to order more on time.
  • Get started within a week, and have confidence in a long-term scalable fulfillment partner.
  • Receive best-in-class support from the same people who are familiar with your unique needs.

Easy and Helpful Onboarding

We’ve onboarded thousands of ecommerce merchants and helped some of the fastest-growing brands scale effortlessly. Our implementation team sets you up for success with everything from configuring your ship options, to syncing your online store.

ShipBob’s turnkey integrations with all major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces – including Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Square Online, BigCommerce, Amazon, and Walmart – let you import orders and send data back and forth for a two-way flow of information.

Customer Spotlight

We’re Here For Our Merchants

– Dana Varrone, Director of Operations at Organic Olivia on ShipBob’s response to COVID-19

Hear how Dana Varrone and other seven- and eight-figure ecommerce brands are not just surviving, but thriving, during COVID-19. Learn more here.

ShipBob’s ‘Inside Logistics’ Video Series

Learn what goes on at our fulfillment centers in real time. Hear directly from our Chief Logistics Officer and VP of Operations on the latest news in logistics and how ShipBob is continuously adapting and innovating for you.

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ShipBob set up coronavirus safety measures at its seven fulfillment centers in early March.

Jennifer Smith,

Logistics Reporter at The Wall Street Journal

The reports that ShipBob provides show their dedication to transparency — things like actual transit times and whether they’re hitting their service-level agreements. They are really committed to their customers and keeping themselves accountable. Since we expanded into a second ShipBob fulfillment center, we even brought 13% cost savings to our bottom line.

Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods,

There is a cost-benefit to having several fulfillment centers, as orders can be shipped from warehouses that are closer to customers and delivered very quickly. With ShipBob, I stay up-to-date with what’s shipped, physical inventory levels, and my company’s performance. They keep getting better, helping brands grow and expand at a ratio that other 3PLs might be a few years behind.

Founder and CEO of BAKblade,

Our business is almost all subscriptions, and ShipBob helps us offer reliable, affordable shipping that shows up at the same time each month. ShipBob’s analytics tool helps us a lot with planning inventory reorders, seeing when SKUs are going to run out, and we can even set up email notifications so that we’re alerted when a SKU has less than a certain quantity left.

CEO and Co-Founder of MDacne,