Reduce Cart Abandonment on Your Shopify Store With ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping Program

With the rising popularity of 2-day shipping, e-commerce stores must give shoppers a variety of shipping choices at checkout – including the fastest and cheapest options. An Arvato study found:

  • 54% of shoppers have abandoned an order because delivery was too expensive
  • 25% have entirely canceled an order because of slow delivery speeds

To make it easier for merchants to increase conversions and manage Shopify fulfillment and shipping, ShipBob created the 2-Day Express Shipping program.

How ShipBob’s 2 Day Express Shipping Program works

Learn about this new guaranteed 2-day shipping option made possible by ShipBob’s integrated technology and network of fulfillment centers in the largest US cities.

“We place considerable expectations and pressure on shipping so we can get close to what Amazon does. With ShipBob, 100% of our orders are going out via 2-day shipping. We see that people are far more likely to order and keep ordering from us when 2-Day Express shipping is an option.”

Andrew Hardy, COO of Nature’s Ultra

Utilize smart technology

ShipBob and Shopify are seamlessly integrated as part of an end-to-end fulfillment solution. When a customer checks out on your Shopify store and enters their shipping destination, ShipBob dynamically verifies the delivery zip code and the inventory on-hand at each of our fulfillment centers to display the delivery option in real-time.

If the order qualifies for 2-Day Express, the new “2-Day Express” option will dynamically show up in real-time (as seen in the image of a Shopify cart below).

cart abandonment - 2 day express

The 2-Day Express option adds a new shipping option to your checkout that is only displayed to customers with a shipping address within the areas of coverage. This integration requires no extra work for you to set up, while keeping you in control over the cost of the customer-facing 2-Day Express Shipping option.

[Download: The Guide to Offering Affordable 2-Day Shipping]

Fulfill orders from different geographic regions

ShipBob owns and operates a network of ecommerce fulfillment centers in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Pennsylvania to help you reach customers across the US more efficiently.

By storing your inventory in major cities, your products will be closer to the majority of customers and reduce the distance your packages will travel.

You can distribute your inventory across the ShipBob fulfillment centers that are closest to your customers to get your products from point A to point B more quickly and affordably.

You can offer guaranteed 2-day shipping to your customers who live in the shaded zones around the fulfillment centers your inventory is in.

The map of the continental US below shows ShipBob’s guaranteed 2-day shipping coverage across all of its US-based fulfillment centers. The eligible zip codes are determined by ShipBob using its partner carrier networks.

cart abandonment - distributed inventory

Don’t take our word for it!

Hear from ShipBob BAKblade on how offering 2-Day Express Shipping has helped them:

Read the experience of ShipBob customer, My Calm Blanket andthe success they’ve had with the premium shipping program:

“ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Program has been phenomenal for us. Because of Amazon, our customers expect 2-day shipping and we couldn’t find 3PLs that can provide that. If they do, you are going to pay a lot for it. Without ShipBob, it would cost more than $100 per order to ship that fast. With ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Program, we’ve seen an 18% reduction in cart abandonment.”

Founder of My Calm Blanket

The My Calm Blanket team has found that the cost of offering free 2-day shipping through ShipBob is more than covered and offset by all of the additional orders and revenue they’ve gotten as a result.

Here is more on why the 2-Day Express works and has been a winning combination for My Calm Blanket:

  • They offer free shipping on all orders
  • They advertise free shipping on a banner on their website
  • They offer guaranteed free 2-day shipping for qualifying orders
  • They split their inventory across all of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers
  • They save a lot of money because their products are heavy and thus very expensive to ship as distance increases

Learn more

Offering a low-cost expedited delivery option at checkout can help prevent shoppers from abandoning their cart. Providing guaranteed 2-day shipping helps ensure customers will have a positive delivery experience and encourage them to purchase from you again in the future.

If you have a Shopify store and are in need of a fulfillment provider, check out ShipBob today or hear from ShipBob customers on their success.

To learn more, download ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping: How to Drive Revenue Through Ecommerce Fulfillment.