Case Study: Baja Bae’s Global Beauty Brand Glows with Help from ShipBob

By Last updated on August 14, 2023

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Learn how Baja Bae founders Carly Paiker and Tamarin Oblowitz turned a vacation realization into an internationally successful ecommerce beauty brand with help from ShipBob.

Customer Profile

Baja Bae is Australia’s number one natural caramel lotion and the first of its kind. The vegan, cruelty-free lotion accelerates the tanning process, nourishes and hydrates skin, combats cellulite and scarring, and more.


Baja Bae was created when best friends Carly and Tamarin, on vacation in Mexico, realized that they needed a tanning product that was all-natural, smelled amazing, and didn’t leave a sticky or oily residue on the skin.

After scouring the market, they realized that the beauty industry didn’t seem to have a product that fit these characteristics — so they decided to create one themselves, and Baja Bae was born.


When Baja Bae first began creating their product and shipping orders in 2016, Carly and Tamarin were filling bottles themselves on the living room floor, then packing up the orders and standing in line at the post office to ship them out. They were spending too much valuable time packing, wrapping, labeling, and shipping orders instead of focusing resources on the rest of their business.

As their product gained more and more fans and orders, Carly and Tamarin knew they needed a solution that would help them scale globally while allowing the signature Baja Bae brand to shine.


After researching different fulfillment methods based on their needs as a startup company, Carly and Tamarin decided to work with ShipBob to fulfill orders for their ecommerce beauty brand. Tamarin says, “We decided Shipbob offered us the best solution and was tailored toward our needs as an early startup business that was on its way to growing.”

“ShipBob offered us the best solution and was tailored toward our needs as an early startup business on its way to growing.”

Tamarin Oblowitz, Co-founder

When they first started shipping orders, Carly and Tamarin had issues managing stock and the flow of the fulfillment process. ShipBob’s inventory management and fulfillment services were a natural fit for Baja Bae’s needs and aspirations.


Two years later, Baja Bae now ships orders from ShipBob’s Chicago fulfillment center to customers all over the world, from Ireland to Israel, from Florida to France, from Austin to Australia, and beyond! With customers located all over the world, a business based in Australia, and products produced in Florida, Carly and Tamarin have found a truly global solution in ShipBob.

They are able to sync their Shopify store and track the entire ecommerce fulfillment process through the ShipBob dashboard, simplifying inventory management and creating a seamless customer experience from start to finish.

Celebrated by beauty bloggers around the world, Baja Bae continues to grow and shine, and ShipBob looks forward to celebrating their success and scaling alongside them as both companies (and the entire ecommerce beauty industry) evolve.

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