ShipBob’s 2023 BFCM Data: See How Brands Performed This Black Friday Cyber Monday Weekend

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[The data points shared in this post were also featured on CNBC.] 

It doesn’t seem possible – and yet, every year, BFCM manages to get bigger.  

While many were concerned that rising inflation might deter consumers, Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023 ended up being a record-breaking success. Online shoppers turned out in droves to ring in the holiday season, while millions of ecommerce brands kicked into high gear to meet demand. 

As a leading ecommerce enablement and fulfillment platform, ShipBob has a front-row seat to the magic of BFCM – and all the logistics that make it happen. We thought we’d share some of the top insights we saw throughout this year’s peak season – from our thousands of customers fulfilling orders across the globe – so you can leverage them in Q4 and beyond!  

This data is across thousands of ecommerce merchants, tens of thousands of unique products sold, millions of shipments, and billions in revenue. 

November 2023 BFCM growth vs. October 2023 

Black Friday Cyber Monday is always a crazy day for sales – but just how much crazier is it than a normal day?  

When compared to the average on the same days in October of 2023 (just the month before), ShipBob’s customer base of ecommerce brands experienced a: 

  • Black Friday sales grew 255% compared to the average Friday in October
  • Sales for the Saturday after Black Friday grew 208% compared to the average Saturday in October 
  • Total weekend sales grew 177% compared to the average weekend in October
  • Cyber Monday sales grew 145% compared to the average Monday in October
  • Average order value (AOV) increased by +18% compared to the average AOV in October

Best Sellers 

BFCM is a fantastic revenue driver for most brands, but certain product categories soared this year.  

Best-selling products: 

  • Hair care 
  • Pet supplements 
  • Perfume  
  • Probiotics 

Jewelry sales increased by 1,035% 

Apparel sales increased by 769%  

Beverage sales increased by 598% 

Home goods sales increased by 581% 

Percentage increases compared to the averages in October 2023. 

State by State 

Compared to October 2023, some states in the US saw enormous increases in overall order volume and AOV.  

In the US, the states with the highest increases in order volume during BFCM 2023 were: 

1. Kentucky (+387%) 

2. Minnesota (+353%) 

3. Utah (+350%) 

4. Indiana (+346%) 

5. Pennsylvania (+345%) 

The states with the highest increases in AOV during BFCM 2023 were: 

1. Florida (+28.8%) 

2. Georgia (+27.8%) 

3. Texas (+23.3%) 

4. Michigan (+21.8%) 

5. Louisiana (+21%)  

Going the Distance 

Ecommerce brands went to great lengths to deliver BFCM orders this year – literally. While the shortest distance an order traveled across ShipBob’s network was just 2.4 miles within the city of Carrolton, TX, USA, some orders traveled up to 11,640 miles from ShipBob’s Birmingham, UK fulfillment center all the way to Wellington, NZ.  

Power through the rest of peak with ShipBob  

BFCM is just the beginning of ecommerce peak season – and if these insights are anything to go by, this upcoming holiday season will be a record-breaker.  

Even though BFCM is over, it’s not too late to partner with an expert fulfillment partner like ShipBob to help you manage logistics during the busiest seasons of the year and beyond.

ShipBob’s technology, geographic footprint, forecasting data and analytics, fulfillment services, and customer support can help your brand fulfill thousands of orders accurately and efficiently, even allowing you to scale across and grow into more of our fulfillment centers across the US, Canada, the UK, EU, and Australia, further reducing shipping costs and minimizing lead times.  

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