ShipBob B2B Pricing

B2B orders and pricing can be complicated. ShipBob is paving the way for transparent B2B fulfillment pricing that is easy to understand:

  • No hidden retailer compliance or hourly fees
  • No ‘per line item’ fees
  • No monthly technology fees
As we expand with B2B and B2C orders, ShipBob’s pricing structure remains simple without any add-on charges. With most 3PLs, you will see a lot of hidden fees when you do your homework. ShipBob doesn’t play games — the pricing is clear and easy to understand.

Matt Dryfhout

Founder & CEO of BAKblade

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ShipBob’s omnifulfillment solution handles every sort of order we have, including retail, DTC, B2B, and FBA prep orders for Amazon. Multichannel fulfillment with ShipBob is affordable, too, as not having to do any shipping ourselves enables us to keep low overhead, and ShipBob’s transparent pricing across channels provides even more cost-savings.

Nathan Garrison, Co-Founder and CEO of Sharkbanz


What does pricing entail for ShipBob retail distribution? 

There are 4 core fees: implementation (a one-time fee), order processing, pick and pack, and shipping.

What is ShipBob’s pricing structure for FBA Prep orders? 

There are 3 core fees: order processing, pick and pack, and shipping.

How does ShipBob structure its pricing for dropshipping orders? 

We have a simple, flat fee pricing structure based on order weight. 

Does ShipBob offer B2B services outside of the US? 

Yes, ShipBob offers FBA prep and B2B/wholesale fulfillment services outside of the US. Note: ShipBob does not support EDI orders outside of the US at this time.

Can ShipBob fulfill orders for the retailers we ship to? 

ShipBob fulfills orders for 100+ retailers and continues to add new retail partners. To learn more, fill out the form at the top of this page to have a B2B expert connect with you.

Can ShipBob connect to my EDI provider? 

ShipBob can connect to and work with all EDI providers, and is an expert in expediting setup with new existing retailers! 

How do I get a B2B fulfillment quote? 

Fill out the form at the top of this page, and a B2B fulfillment expert will be in touch to start the conversation. 

Does ShipBob do LTL or FTL freight? How do I get a freight quote? 

Yes! ShipBob Freight provides both LTL and FTL services for inbound and outbound across all US locations. Fill out this form and a freight expert will be in touch to provide you with an estimate. 

What type of value-added services does ShipBob offer? 

ShipBob can help you with everything from kitting to retail POS display units, and much more. See a list here

Which retailers is ShipBob compatible with for EDI orders? 

For an up-to-date list, please see here: Approved Retailers for Dropshipping & Retail Distribution. 

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In addition to cost-savings from improved accuracy, I’ve also enjoyed lower shipping and freight costs because of ShipBob’s distribution network. ShipBob has dozens of fulfillment centers across the US, on both coasts and in the Midwest. By storing my inventory in fulfillment centers that are close to my retailer’s distribution centers, we minimize our shipping costs while improving transit times.

Nadine Joseph, Founder & CEO of Peak and Valley