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Finland, world’s happiest country, is also a global leader in digitalization, telecommunications, and sustainability. The country ranks at the top in international surveys on education, quality of life, competitiveness, and transparency.

Finland generated over $6 billion in online sales, which showcases plenty of opportunity for online brands. By launching into international markets like Finland, you can easily increase sales and reach more European customers.

But setting up cross-border selling comes with its own set of challenges.

To help your UK-based business successfully ship to Finland, this guide provides information on shipping couriers and options, duties and customs, and commonly asked questions.

Cost & delivery speeds for shipping to Finland from the UK

Picking the right shipping courier partners is crucial when it comes to international shipping.

A shipper may decide on a delivery partner based on the speed of service offered, while another may prefer a cost-effective solution even if it comes with longer delivery times.

Since many considerations go into choosing the right courier, it is a good practice to inform yourself of the various options across couriers that are made available.

When shipping from the UK to Finland, Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, Evri (The new Hermes), DPD local, and Parcelforce Worldwide are among the top picks. But understanding their services and the type of product you sell, as well as cost, will help you determine the right fit.

For ease of understanding, below is a comparative list of the services offered by these couriers with rates calculated using their unique calculators. 

Note: Calculations were done in the month of August 2022 for a sample package of 2 kg each. The declared value was entered as 50 GBP wherever requested. Delivery timelines have also been mentioned alongside.

ShipBob’s exact rates for customers will vary as we charge an all-in ‘total fulfilment cost’ that includes picking, packing, and shipping, among other factors. 

ServicePrice*Delivery Time
Royal Mail International Standard£12.203-5 business days
Royal MailInternational Tracked£13.053-4 business days
Royal Mail International Economy£14.2512 business days
Royal MailInternational Tracked and Signed£14.953-4 business day
UPSExpress £44.571 business day
UPSExpress Saver£33.031 business day
UPSStandard£17.654 business day
FedExInternational Economy £123.564 business day
FedExInternational Priority£122.641 business day
FedExInternational Priority Express£128.891 business day
EvriEvri Courier£18.093-7 business days
Parcelforce Worldwideglobalpriority£58.403-6 business days 
Parcelforce Worldwideglobalexpress£116.581+ business days 
Parcelforce Worldwideglobalvalue£53.105-9 business days
DPD localAir Express£63.542-4 business days 
DPD local Air Classic£43.095-8 business days

Only pick-up service prices for Parcelforce Worldwide, DPD local and Evri are of have been listed here. The package size for calculation was taken as 45cm X 35cm X 16cm (L X W X H) wherever mandatorily requested i.e., Evri, Parcelforce Worldwide, and DPD local shipping options.

There is no difference in the costs for UPS and FedEx pick-up and drop-off options.

How to choose a shipping courier

Now that you understand the costs, it’s time to choose the right courier based on the services they offer, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a brief overview of the top couriers’ pros and cons.




Royal Mail
  • A vast network of 14000+ drop-off locations within the UK
  • Economic shipping options offered
  • £50 – £100 compensation cover included in the shipping cost. Option to get additional compensation cover up to £250
  • Special solutions and options for businesses are available
  • Package weight limit set at 2 kg
  • Pick-up service comes at a small additional cost
  • Package weight limit set at 68 kg. Freight options for heavier loads
  • Robust tracking mechanism
  • Shipping paperwork and customs support are available
  • Priority one-day delivery available
  • Expensive when compared to other top couriers
  • Lesser number of drop-off points vis-à-vis other players
  • Packages of up to 70 kg can be shipped. Freight shipment available for larger load sizes
  • Next day delivery options are available with time defined slots
  • Offers a dedicated small business platform
  • Flat-rate shipping options available for small businesses
  • Drop-off locations network not as vast vis-à-vis other couriers
  • Pick-up service comes at an additional cost
  • Recipients notified of 1-3 hour delivery window in local language
  • Multilingual agents available for international delivery service
  • Environmentally conscious practices such as carbon-neutral shipping adopted
  • Parcel tracking service available for all shipping options
  • A £50 compensation cover is part of the shipping costs. It can be increased up to £5000 at additional charges
  • Pick-up service is priced higher
  • The maximum shipping weight for parcels collected is 30 kg
  • Shipment weight limit set at 20 kg for drop-off options
  • £20 compensation cover included in the cost of shipping. Parcel protection of up to the value of £1000 can be bought at additional charges
  • Tracking comes as standard for both collection and drop-off shipping options
  • Special solutions for businesses in the UK are available. These include services such as an assigned account manager, a returns account, UK based customer service team, etc.
  • Collection option comes at a nominal charge
  • Economic solutions for shipping packages of up to 15 kg
  • Only packages of up to 15 kg can be shipped. This limit is lower when compared to other couriers
  • Neither collection nor delivery are bound by a guarantee. Meaning, that while they enjoy a high success rate, you can’t be certain of when the action (collection/delivery) will be completed by
  • Strong drop-off points network within the UK
  • Fully trackable shipping options are available
  • Compensation cover of £100-£200 included. Options to get additional protection cover of up to a value of £500-£2500
  • Parcelforce Worldwide Guarantee offers refunds for some of the shipping options in case deliveries are delayed or unmet
  • Packages heavier than 30 kg cannot be shipped
  • Post offices drop-offs capped at a maximum of 20 kg
  • Pick-up services are more expensive than drop-off options

Shipping to Finland from the UK with Royal Mail

The Royal Mail Group is one of the oldest organisations in the world surpassing a presence of 500+ years. It has a network to ship to over 230 countries and territories worldwide.

When shipping to Finland from the UK, Royal Mail offers a range of economic and affordable solutions.

When to use Royal Mail to ship from the UK to Finland

For a shipper in need of cost-effective solutions to send lightweight goods of less than 2 kg per package, Royal Mail could be the perfect choice.

Additionally, a vast drop-off location network of 14,000+ post office branches including 24/7 parcel post boxes can bring added convenience to shippers that don’t like waiting to get parcels collected. 

Shipping to Finland from the UK with UPS

UPS is a reliable name in the global logistics sphere. It has a strong network that can deliver goods across the world to over 220 countries and territories.

Within Europe, UPS has been in operation for over 45 years.

It offers competitively priced solutions without compromising on speed. When shipping to Finland from the UK, the three options available are Express, Express Saver, and Standard.

When to use UPS to ship from the UK to Finland

If speed of delivery is paramount to you, UPS’s next-day delivery options make for dependable choices. It is also ideal if you are in need of shipping a heavy package as UPS has a weight limit of up to 70 kg per individual parcel.

Other benefits of using UPS when shipping from the UK to Finland include increased customs assistance, trackability, and money-back guarantee on Express options.

Shipping to Finland from the UK with FedEx

FedEx is a leading name in the global transportation industry.

FedEx Express has been serving European territory for over 35 years and has the capabilities to deliver your parcels to over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

When shipping from the UK to Finland, FedEx offers a couple next-day delivery solutions, such as International Priority Express and International Priority.

When to use FedEx to ship from the UK to Finland

Shipping solutions that combine speed, reliability, tracking capabilities and a generous weight limit of up to 68 kg per individual parcel are among the top reasons to choose FedEx.

FedEx options may not be suitable for shippers looking for affordable solutions as the services are priced at a premium and tend to be costly compared to competitors. However, FedEx account holders may enjoy up to 40% discounts on the quoted prices.

Ecommerce businesses can enjoy other benefits such as FedEx International Connect Plus that aim to bring greater cost-efficiencies and convenience.

Shipping to Finland from the UK with DPD UK

DPD is a reliable name in international logistics. It has a network that can deliver internationally to over 230 countries and territories.

The company has made significant efforts in sustainability such as adopting green packaging, aiming to become the planet’s greenest delivery company, and building the largest all-electric delivery fleet in the UK.

When to use DPD UK to ship from the UK to Finland

DPD is suitable for shippers who prefer to stay informed on their shipment status as all the options come with traceability and notifications along with proof of delivery online built-in. 

It is also a good option for those who like to secure their packages as an additional parcel protection of up to £5,000 can be purchased.

A vast network of 6,000+ drop-off points within the UK is also an added bonus for shippers. Collection service is also offered but is priced higher than dropoffs.

Businesses may also appreciate the availability of multilingual international customer service agents.

Shipping to FInland from the UK with Evri (The new Hermes)

Evri aims to deliver shipments from the UK to anywhere in Europe including Finland within 3-7 business days.

It is an international delivery company with capabilities to deliver across 190 countries and territories across the globe.

Within the UK it offers both drop-off and collection options. UK shippers can also enjoy a vast and convenient drop-off network of 6,000+ parcelshops.

However, for recipients in Finland, there is no direct-to-home delivery available and they need to pick the parcels up from the nearest parcelshop.

When to use Evri (The new Hermes) to ship from the UK to Finland

If you are a shipper looking for affordable solutions, want trackability at no additional costs, prefer the convenience of a vast drop-off network, and need to send individual packages of up to 15 kg, Evri could be the right fit for you.

Businesses can send multiple parcels faster and increase efficiency by syncing their Evri account with popular ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.  

Users also get the option of purchasing an additional parcel protection cover of up to £1,000. This can be useful to those of you looking to secure your parcels.

Shipping to Finland from the UK with Parcelforce

Parcelforce Worldwide is a provider of express parcel delivery.

It has a global network that can safely deliver your mail to over 240 countries and territories worldwide, including anywhere in Finland.

When to use Parcelforce to ship from the UK to Finland

If you want to explore a range of delivery options from fast and more expensive to slower but relatively more affordable options, Parcelforce Worldwide offers several choices starting from 1+ business days delivery options.

Additionally, it also offers the accessibility of a larger drop-off network consisting of depots as well as 11,500+ post office branches within the UK.

Parcelforce also has collection options available that are priced higher than drop-off options. Individual package weight limits however differ for dropoffs and collected options.

Post office drops cannot exceed 20 kg per individual parcel while the weight limit on pick-up options is up to 30 kg per individual package.

Shippers who prefer securing their packages may like the option of purchasing an additional cover of up to £2,500 depending on the option chosen.

Duties & taxes when shipping to Finland from the UK

As a result of Brexit, from January 1, 2021, all consignments from the UK must be declared to Finnish customs prior to entering the border.

Goods imported to Finland from the United Kingdom are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). The general rate of VAT in Finland is 24%.

Some categories such as food and medicines may attract a reduced rate of VAT of 14% or 10%.

If the online seller is registered with Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) and goods being purchased are less than €150, buyers can pay VAT at the time of purchase.

However, for goods over the value of €150 and for sellers not registered with IOSS, VAT has to be paid along with other customs duties, if any, at the time of import.

In addition to VAT, goods exported from the UK to Finland may be subject to customs duties. Usually, the customs duties are levied on goods over the value of €150.

You can use the customs duty calculator from the Finnish customs authority to estimate the approximate duties that may be levied on your order.

It is important to note that no customs duties need to be paid for goods that are manufactured (originate) in the UK and are sent from the UK itself to Finland. But applicable VAT must still be paid.

In order to zero-rate the customs duties, you will need to furnish an invoice from the seller that contains a statement of origin as per the standard text.

Alcohol and tobacco products are levied with VAT and excise duties regardless of their value. The transport company that facilitates this process for you may charge some fees in addition to the taxes and duties.

Once necessary import duties have been paid, goods are released for free circulation in the country.

Finland customs information

On reaching the Finnish border, goods from the UK need to be declared to customs authorities as per the European Union norms.

It is the importer’s responsibility to declare imported goods to the Finnish customs department. Declaration requires submitting the Single Administrative Document (SAD). It is an important import declaration form that describes the goods and their movement around the world.

Other documents, such as a commercial invoice and valuation declaration, may also be required for customs clearance.

For import-export trade in Finland, a business from the UK must have an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number in order to file customs declaration for imports in the country.

For more details and to keep yourself abreast of the customs information, you can visit the official Finnish customs website.

Prohibited items when shipping to Finland

To protect its citizens and in the interest of the national economy, many countries have a list of prohibited items that aren’t allowed to cross borders.

Finland also has a list of such items. Even delivery companies have specific lists of items they don’t carry or transport.

As a shipper, it is your responsibility to become aware of the prohibited and restricted items list when shipping from the UK to Finland. This will help you avoid customs delays and hold-ups.

Below are some items that are prohibited from importation in Finland. You should check the customs website and the respective courier website for updated lists before shipping.

Items you can’t ship to Finland from the UK

Hazardous waste
Postage stamps
Common fireworks
Bank bills, notes or currency
Marijuana, including marijuana intended for medicinal use

What ecommerce businesses need to know about shipping to Finland

The ecommerce market in Finland is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR 21-25) of 7%. This is higher than the global average of 6% growth.

A Postnord 2020 survey showed that the UK is among the five most popular countries that the Finnish people buy online from.

The statistics above can be encouraging to a British ecommerce business looking to set foot and grow further in the Finnish territory.

Additionally, Finland’s stable economy, affluent and educated population and growing ecommerce market present more reasons for an ecommerce business to explore this market.   

Here are some insights to help you begin understanding the Finnish market.

1. Use online marketing channels wisely

Underestimating the might and importance of online marketing is a common mistake that a cross-border ecommerce business must avoid.

For greater chances of success in Finland’s online market, a firm should identify the right target groups.

Once identified you can then promote your digital store to these groups through channels such as paid adverts, social media, and email marketing.

2. Sustainable solutions are welcome

Finland ranked at the top in the United Nations Sustainable Development Report 2021.

The policy environment in this country is favourable to sustainable investments making it a sound market for sustainable goods and solutions.

The Finnish government has pledged to make the country carbon neutral by 2035 (Europa 2021).

For businesses in the sustainability space and for those looking to utilise sustainable endeavors, Finland presents multiple prospects across sectors in this space.

3. Capitalise on the British repute

The Finnish are aware of UK brands and British quality products are accepted well in the country.

As a business owner, you will find market similarities between the UK and Finland. A product successful in the UK is likely to win in the Finnish market as well.

As an ecommerce business from the UK, use the British lineage advantageously in seeking acceptance and success here.

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Shipping to Finland FAQs

Find below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when shipping from the UK to Finland

What’s the cheapest way to ship to Finland from the UK?

Royal Mail’s International Standard service ships to Finland from the UK at some of the lowest costs. The delivery timeline is 3-5 business days for this service. Individual parcel weight limit is capped at 2 kg.

What’s the cheapest way to ship large packages to Finland from the UK?

UPS’s Standard service offers among the cheapest rates for shipping heavy and large packages of up to 70 kg. 

What’s the fastest way to ship a package to Finland from the UK?

FedEx’s International Priority Express and UPS’s Express service both aim to deliver shipments from the UK to Finland before 12:00pm the next business day from parcel receipt.

Do I have to pay customs duties and fees when shipping to Finland from the UK?

Goods shipped from the UK to Finland must be declared and may be subject to applicable import duties and customs.

A Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on all goods imported into Finland. It generally is charged at a rate of 24%. Some categories like food and medicines may attract a lower rate of VAT.

In addition to VAT, goods may attract customs charges as per the European Union (EU) norms. However, if a statement of origin (UK) is facilitated as per the requisite standard, then you may be able to zero-rate customs charges on goods shipped from the United Kingdom to Finland. 

What’s the easiest way to ship something to Finland from the UK?

Parcelforce Worldwide has a range of options for delivering to Finland from the United Kingdom. It offers services such as globalpriority that aim to deliver within 1+ business days and also other more affordable options that come with longer delivery timelines.

A vast domestic drop-off points’ network within the UK including access to depots and 11,500+ post office branches can be a factor of added convenience for shippers.

Additionally, unlike some other couriers, the weight limit is somewhat generous with 30 kg for collected options and 20 kg for post office drop-offs.