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Using Your Packaging to Get Lifelong Customers!

Getting someone to buy your product feels like the ultimate victory, because you’ve captured their attention long enough for them to act, but the true victory is in getting them to come back and buy again.

Returns Process just got streamlined!

Returns processing just got a whole lot streamlined!

I Heart Keenwah hearts Shipbob!

I heart keenwah mentions Shipbob as its go to tool for shipping on MSNBC!

Product page now offers you some keen insights !

Before ShipBob, we used to run a small e-commerce operation. As we would get our orders, we would simply pick the right item from the inventory shelf in our apartment and go about fulfilling the order. Inventory tracking was easy as we would see the physical products on the shelf every day and just know by looking at it, when to place a re-order.

Announcing our latest round of financing!

ShipBob raises $4 million to help small retailers ship goods like Amazon Prime