Bring 2-day shipping to your customers across the United States

Your customers demand 2-day shipping. You can now deliver a fast shipping promise, while still owning your brand, your data, and your entire customer experience.

With ShipBob, you have the ability to achieve 100% 2-day shipping coverage across the continental United States, whether you are fulfilling from one of our fulfillment centers or taking advantage of multiple fulfillment centers. 

Speak to a Fulfillment Expert

Ryan Casas iloveplum
ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping increased our AOV by 97% — from $75 to $148. And we were able to scale our business from $300,000 in sales per year to over $1.1M.

Ryan Casas, COO of iloveplum

Meet customer expectations
Customers get accustomed to a certain service level at a low price. We’ve seen an uplift in conversions by offering free shipping thresholds and 2-day shipping.

Michael Peters,
VP of E-Commerce Operations at TB12

100% Coverage Across the US

ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping provides 100% coverage for 2-Day Express across the continental United States, even from a single fulfillment center

We will provide you with insights on how to choose the right fulfillment center location or even multiple fulfillment centers for your business, while giving you the freedom to choose how you want to start with ShipBob.

Whatever your preference, we have you covered. 

Unrivaled On-Time Delivery

We are so committed to an industry leading on-time delivery for 2-day shipping that we publicly share our 2-day shipping performance across our entire network.

Our proprietary algorithm uses a combination of ground, air, and regional carriers to provide high on-time delivery rates for 2-day orders, while still being a cost effective solution. 

View the live data here

2-Day Badging

Fast-growing brands sell across multiple sales channels. Now you can optimize for conversion by providing 2-Day Express wherever you sell.   

ShipBob’s 2-Day Express Shipping is available for all platforms that integrate with ShipBob including Shopify, Walmart, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, Square, BigCommerce, and many more.

And if you want 2-day badging, we have that for Walmart, Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

How 2-Day Shipping Helps Your Business


  • Meet customer expectations with fast and on-time deliveries that encourage repeat purchases.
  • Convert more shoppers by offering 2-day shipping to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Encourage shoppers to spend more to unlock free 2-day shipping by using spend thresholds significantly greater than your current AOV.
Customer Stories

Don’t just take our word for it — see why ShipBob is trusted by thousands of merchants

We must offer a custom experience for our customers and can’t do that at a reasonable cost with Amazon. Brand recognition and loyalty are key to our business, so we ultimately decided to move to ShipBob.

Pablo Gabatto

Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods

ShipBob helps us deliver on our customer expectations. We’ve seen a spike in conversions since applying ShipBob’s 2-Day Express, which lets us stay ahead of the competition.

Matt Dryfhout,

Founder & CEO of BAKblade

With ShipBob, we can assign a shipping cost to each order by pinpointing the weight and zip code. We’ve seen a reduction of 70% on shipping costs in the US, which helps keep conversions high.

Greg MacDonald,

CEO & Founder of of Bathorium