How PetLab Co. Runs a $100M+ DTC & B2B Business With ShipBob [Case Study]

By Last updated on 14 August 2023

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Discover how leading pet vitamin and supplement brand, PetLab Co., scaled to 100,000+ DTC and B2B orders per month after partnering with ShipBob.

Customer Profile

PetLab Co. is a pet-wellness brand designed for pets, built by pet lovers. Based in London and founded by Chris Masanto and Damian Grabarczyk in 2018, PetLab is focused on educating the public on building healthy habits for their beloved furry friends and providing the best, science-backed products for supporting and optimising pet health and quality of life. Today, PetLab’s offerings focus on canines with supplements boasting benefits such as immune support, joint care, gut health, and more. PetLab’s products cover dog parents’ common health concerns to keep their pets happy and healthy. 

Key metrics

  • 5 ShipBob fulfilment centres in the US
  • 40% increase in orders YoY
  • 30,000 orders per week on average
  • Millions of items shipped
  • 100+ employees

About PetLab Co.

Dogs are more than pets – they’re family. No one knows this better than PetLab Co. founder, Chris Masanto. 

Chris’ family dog, Krystal, lived to be 18 years old. Toward the end of her life, Krystal suffered from severe arthritis that made it painful for her to walk. Chris’ family made Krystal as comfortable as possible and provided her with luxuries like human-grade food and a spacious stroller to improve and extend her time with them. But Chris, a health enthusiast himself, wished he had done more for her earlier. 

This got Chris wondering: what if there were more pet owners could do to extend and improve the quality of life for their dogs? Together with his friend and fellow pet enthusiast, Damian Grabarczyk, Chris started PetLab Co. to provide high-quality supplements to enhance the lives of dogs. 

This mission resonated with pet owners all over. As a result, in just 4 years, PetLab is one of the world’s leading canine supplement brands today.  

We spoke with PetLab’s Co-CEO, Stephanie Lee, to understand how the brand has grown, earned its spot at the top of the pet supplement industry, and partnered with ShipBob for its omnifulfilment capabilities. 

Finding the right fulfilment partner to navigate growth at scale 

As told to ShipBob by Stephanie Lee, Co-CEO at PetLab Co.

Our mission is simple. We want to help pet parents, starting with dog owners, provide the very best care for their pets. This means education is a huge component of what we do and providing high quality products that make it easier for people to give their pups the best care.

We, as a team, obsess over what we do:

  1. Our product developers prioritise ingredient efficacy and quality.
  2. Our creative and marketing teams relentlessly test best methods for delivering helpful tips and videos for pet parents.
  3. Our customer care agents are our customers’ biggest champions.
  4. Our compliance team polices accurate communication and claims.
  5. Our ops team stays up at night worrying about supply chain.
  6. Our people and culture team constantly advocate for creating the best work environment for our employees and their pets! 

You get the picture.

What we aren’t experts in is warehousing and fulfilment. While we obsess over getting it right, we know that we are currently better served in finding a partner who makes it their job to care as much about our business, our products, and customer experience as we do. Some of the largest petcare companies are based in the United States and being a UK-based brand, ShipBob helps us bridge the gap with a strong presence covering all regions of the US.

Stephanie Lee shares the importance of using a fulfilment partner when your operations team is lean at ShipBob’s Fulfiled 2023.

In an average week, we’re shipping out around 30,000 orders. When we first started with ShipBob, it was about 65% of that. The US is our biggest market, and we’ve been able to continue to deliver strong growth as a result of the strength of our internal team and our relationship with trusted partners like ShipBob. 

Scaling quickly comes with its challenges, but ShipBob was able to take some of the complexities of that growth off our hands. We needed a fulfilment partner that could keep up and get orders shipped out fast without additional work by us or our needing to hire additional staff. ShipBob filled that void. 

“The amount of volume ShipBob is doing for us is really impressive – almost 5,000 orders in a day, and we know they have capacity to do much more and scale with us as we continue to grow. At this point in time, we have no intention of setting up and managing our own warehouses, so using ShipBob for fulfilment with customisation, control, and visibility, while managing our volumes is key.”

Stephanie Lee, COO at PetLab Co.

We’re a petcare brand focused primarily on developing the best products for pet parents and creatively sharing all that we can on pet health. That is where our team concentrates its efforts. We don’t want to deal with the hassle of having our own facility, managing warehouse employees, figuring out regulatory requirements for operating fulfilment and storage facilities, and planning for the hiring needs that accompany the holiday season, so ShipBob is the perfect solution for a company like us. 

As we’ve grown over the past year, we’ve also experienced working with some partners who were not able to scale as quickly as we needed them to without having an impact on efficiency and quality. Quality is non-negotiable for us, and ShipBob has shown us time and again that they will treat our products like their products. 

At the same time, while ShipBob has exhibited its ability to manage large volumes, they have also made our experience working with them feel intimate. Each of our operations team members have a direct line with our ShipBob success team, and every time we voice making an improvement or requesting a change, they have come back with solutions so that together, we can do more. 

Leveraging ShipBob for both B2B and DTC fulfilment

When we onboarded with ShipBob last year, we hit the ground running with both DTC and B2B orders. In fact, we had just started with Chewy around the same time we partnered with ShipBob. 

Fulfiling orders quickly through our site and marketplaces is a must-have, not a nice-to-have for our business. From the beginning, we knew that the early Chewy orders would need to go through our fulfilment partner — all of our retail distribution orders from Chewy go through ShipBob’s fulfilment centres today. Selling on marketplaces is challenging enough, and ShipBob’s ability to service both D2C and B2B has enabled us to build more consistent procedures and practices across our different sales channels.

Along with Chewy, we’re also fulfiling orders through Amazon, as they are the two biggest online pet sales channels in the US. We utilise ShipBob’s EDI solution that is connected to our 3rd party EDI platform SPS Commerce for our Chewy orders, and when we don’t ship directly to Amazon, we rely on ShipBob’s direct integration with Amazon for FBA orders. We’re even exploring additional channels that ShipBob supports, such as

Being an omnichannel brand is critical for us, so we can reach more pet lovers from more places. We’re glad that ShipBob helps us keep up with demand from all the places we reach our customers.

Simplifying our growingly complex operations

ShipBob takes the time to listen to its customers. I remember meeting Dhruv for the first time and all he wanted to know was what wasn’t meeting expectations. I mentioned an issue, we walked into the Cicero warehouse, and he immediately tried to recreate the circumstances I described. He’s a real problem solver, and I soon learned that the whole ShipBob team is driven by a desire for providing creative solutions for their partners. 

Early in the year, we mentioned to ShipBob that our work would be easier if they built a system in which we could ship our inventory to one central warehouse and ShipBob could take on the responsibility for allocating the inventory across its fulfilment network. We wanted better cross-docking solutions. Think Amazon FBA. 

Inventory placement takes a layer of inventory planning off our hands. That’s work that we wouldn’t have to do, especially as we add more fulfilment centres to be closer to our customers for faster and less expensive shipping. Sending product to one location and later seeing how the inventory is distributed across the fulfilment centres for faster delivery to customers and minimising out-of-stock instances would definitely free up our team’s time, reduce the cost of shipping to ShipBob, and help us plan more effectively.

Six months after we mentioned this request, ShipBob announced that they were beta testing this service and invited us into their pilot program. This level of service is amazing. It’s still early on in the program, but we know that ShipBob will continue to listen to its customers and provide real solutions to pressing issues. Each innovation helps our operations team create better experiences for our customers.

Curating and executing a custom brand experience 

We’ve recently been working on finding ways to make our unboxing experience better and revamping our packaging. When we first started with ShipBob, we had metal tins and bottles for our products. Unfortunately, we – and our customers – noticed that our tins and bottles were getting dented in transit. The primary packaging was exactly what we wanted, but they were not reaching customers in the form we had intended. 

We worked directly with our ShipBob team to uncover that in the packaging system we had in place, our boxes would benefit from a sturdier cardboard, our box sizes were not optimised to minimise rattling in transit – even with the added dunnage, and our metal product containers needed to be thicker. While our team explored long-term solutions for packaging, we worked closely with ShipBob to map out steps taken at the packing stations to minimise denting in transit. As part of this solution, we utilised both geami paper and extra dunnage and mapped out which order combinations would require either or both protective materials to cushion our products in transit while minimising the extra time required for packing.

“What made this process even better, was after we created this interim solution in one ShipBob fulfilment centre, we were able to roll it out across all of our five locations seemingly instantly. This gave us the confidence that we could design a multi-step packaging protocol and ShipBob would work with its team to have the process uniformly followed by all teams handling PetLab Co. orders.”

Stephanie Lee, COO at PetLab Co.

If someone is going to treat your products like their own, that’s the most you can hope for in a fulfilment partner. ShipBob does exactly that. The customer experience and brand consistency is really important to us, so to receive that level of support from ShipBob means so much to us.

This experience also taught us how important it was to involve fulfilment and logistics earlier in the packaging process. Because we don’t operate our own warehouse and fulfilment centres, we need to trust a 3PL team that is going to be invested in delivering our products to the best of their ability. During the past couple months, we’ve tested various ideas with the ShipBob team and had the opportunity to even test within their warehouses. This iterative and collabourative approach has been crucial in helping us rework packaging design while also being mindful of time and cost.

“One of my favourite things about ShipBob is how cohesive and standardized everything is across their entire fulfilment network. After having worked with a 3PL that only had two locations which were run almost independently, we wanted to scale with a 3PL partner that had multiple fulfilment centres for reducing shipping time and cost. But, we dreaded that we’d ultimately have to work with each fulfilment centre individually. That has not been the case – we can request a change with our ShipBob team and this change will be documented and consistently implemented in each of the locations that ship our products.”

Stephanie Lee, COO at PetLab Co.

Getting attention to detail for lot codes

A thoughtful fulfilment partner is really important for a company like ours. The ShipBob team has done a wonderful job of checking in on our inventory because we have batch codes and expiration dates to worry about. 

Our product batches are deliberately small to ensure quality control. We’re very careful about maintaining the highest quality possible because our products are ingested by our pets. Lot management through ShipBob helps us maintain organisation and inventory accuracy.

Maintaining speed of delivery

In order to scale, large brands need to have a solid fulfilment partner in place because speed of delivery is important. Giant retailers like Amazon have created new norms for acceptable delivery times.

For now, consumers are more forgiving of DTC companies and generally deem the standard 3-5 business days for delivery to be adequate for orders in the US. This is an important metric for us, and we work with the ShipBob team to ensure that the vast majority of our orders are delivered within 2-3 business days. In closely monitoring this data, ShipBob has been able to identify regional carriers that work better for our orders. ShipBob really understands the importance of fast shipping and makes it a standard practice, even through big promotions and holiday sales.

“The network and team that ShipBob has are incredible. We’re able to leverage a vast network of domestic fulfilment centres. The ability to touch base with the team and use a data-driven approach for identifying areas of improvement and where we might benefit from expanding our use of the ShipBob fulfilment centre locations has saved us time and allowed us to provide better experiences for our customers.” 

Stephanie Lee, COO at PetLab Co.

What’s next for PetLab Co.

We recently expanded into a fifth ShipBob fulfilment centre in the U.S., and we’re exploring how best to take our learnings from our partnership with ShipBob into other geographies. Our other markets are currently much smaller than that of the U.S., but we’ve learned that getting fulfilment right makes all our jobs easier.

Beyond fulfilment, we’re focused on creating the best tools for pet parents when it comes to pet health: supplements made from premium ingredients delivering real functional and structural support; engaging educational content delivering helpful health tips; and a strong, active community of pet parents. Our New Product Development team is hyper-focused on creating the best formulas. Couple these efforts with our creative team’s engaging educational materials and our marketing team’s dissemination of this content on platforms people use most – and it’s been amazing. It’s been really fun and rewarding to see customer feedback and PetLab grow.

PetLab Co.’s team at ShipBob

Jessica St. John

Jessica is a Senior Merchant Success Manager at ShipBob and supports the PetLab Co. team.

Kevin Cliggett

Kevin is the Enterprise Account Executive that helped bring PetLab Co. into ShipBob.

Wes Duqette

Wes is the VP, Merchant Success & Implementation at ShipBob and PetLab’s Executive Sponsor.

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