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Christine Lawless & Hannah Santin

Christine is an Exit Strategy Consultant within AVASK. Her strong background in finance and her CFA studies have enabled her to provide comprehensive advice on a variety of financial issues an ecommerce seller might encounter on their business journey. Christine’s day-to-day role consists of providing advice to sellers from the start of their business journey, helping them to scale and grow, and providing them with the necessary advice needed to exit. Outside of her day job, Christine enjoys spending time with her two young daughters. Hannah is a Tax Advisor at AVASK. On-her-day to day, she connects with e-sellers looking to grow their ecommerce businesses and discuss their VAT liabilities to create an expansion strategy together. Having connected with e-sellers ranging from small-businesses to large enterprises has allowed her to understand Amazon and non-Amazon operations, along with the main barriers e-sellers face when expanding overseas. When she is not connecting with merchants, she is enjoying the outdoors.


UK Taxes for Ecommerce: 2024 Guide for Online Sales

Learn everything you need to know about UK taxes for ecommerce, including the different types of taxes and VAT rules and regulations.


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