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Cin7 automatically sends your multichannel ecommerce and marketplace orders to ShipBob, helping you get products delivered as fast as possible for great customer experience.

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Full Visibility

Get visibility and order automation for every ShipBob warehouse and other locations where you hold inventory. Cin7 centralizes your inventory management, whether you sell online, in your own store, to other businesses, or any combination. Cin7 keeps inventory accurate as you purchase, sell, and move stock between locations.

Reduced Workload

Cin7 eliminates the need for multiple software, portals, and solutions to manage stock and fulfill orders. By integrating all your channels and locations in one solution, Cin7 not only reduces your data entry requirements but automates workflows to speed up your fulfillment and management processes.

Flexible Inventory

Cin7 simplifies inventory management letting you quickly add channels and locations while minimizing your processes and inventory costs. With Cin7, you can optimize stock levels and streamline order fulfillment via ShipBob and anywhere else you hold stock, selling through any channel, giving you flexibility to sell to anyone, anywhere.

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