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1. Connect

Connect your store, import your products, then send us your inventory.

2. Store

We store your inventory in any combination of our fulfilment centres.

3. Ship

As soon as a customer places an order, we ship it from the nearest fulfilment centre.

How ShipBob serves San Diego

Ecommerce brands have a tendency to keep their fulfilment centre close to home. But for affordable 2-day shipping, what really matters is the location of your customers. To offer 2-day shipping at an affordable margin, you need to optimise deliveries by reducing shipping zones. That’s where ShipBob comes in.

ShipBob can store your inventory across a national network of fulfilment centres and automatically route each customer’s order to the nearest fulfilment centre. That means faster, more cost-effective shipping for you and your customers — which drives business growth, increases AOV, and lowers shopping cart abandonment.

If you limit yourself to a single San Diego fulfilment centre, then shipping anywhere outside of your backyard will be costly.

“Before I got started in ShipBob’s LA facility, I toured a different 3PL’s warehouse near me in San Diego. While I thought it would have been easier to work with a 3PL so close to me, my gut instinct told me that they weren’t the right choice for us. ShipBob’s fulfilment centre gave me a much better feeling.”

Noel Churchill, Owner and CEO of Rainbow OPTX

How it works

The ShipBob ecommerce fulfilment process is straightforward:

  • Ship your products to us.
  • Connect ShipBob’s technology to your ecommerce platform in minutes to sync your store.
  • ShipBob is automatically notified when your customers place an order. Then the order is picked, packed, and shipped with ecommerce order tracking info sent back to the customer.
  • Enjoy low fulfilment costs, more free time, and an improved customer experience — all without having to worry about managing your own San Diego fulfilment centre.

Full-stack fulfilment services for San Diego

ShipBob has the infrastructure, technology, and expertise for true full-stack fulfilment. Once your product is in our hands, we take care of everything else.

Inventory management

ShipBob makes warehousing and keeping track of your inventory easy. View the inventory levels you have available and create inventory reports. Calculate safety stock and get notifications when you need to reorder more products to prevent stockouts.

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Order management

Automatically sync orders from your ecommerce platform to get real-time insight on every step throughout the order process. Search for orders and track their status from your dashboard throughout the retail fulfilment and shipping process.

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2-day shipping

Affordable 2-day shipping is the new industry standard. ShipBob’s fulfilment technology automates and streamlines order fulfilment, so ecommerce merchants can ship faster and more affordably to customers around the country (and even the world).

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Pick and pack services

Orders are pushed automatically to the optimal ShipBob fulfilment centre, a picking list is generated, and orders are picked and packed. Standard packing materials are included, and you can even request custom-branded packaging to build your brand.

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Why choose ShipBob ecommerce fulfilment for your San Diego business

Unlike storing inventory in a San Diego fulfilment centre, ShipBob’s technology, services, and fulfilment centres across the US give you better reach, faster transit times, and lower inventory carrying costs. Read on to learn more about what makes ShipBob a modern 3PL.

Distributed inventory

ShipBob can store your products at different warehouses in major US cities that are near your customers. This reduces shipping costs, transit times, and the zones you ship to. With distributed inventory, if one fulfilment centre is out of a product or can’t ship due to extreme weather conditions, you can simply ship orders from a different one.

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Dedicated customer support

ShipBob has customer support reps onsite at each fulfilment centre, and dedicated account managers for each enterprise customer. That way, you can quickly get answers to any order or inventory questions you have.

Visit ShipBob’s help centre

Precise reporting and analysis

Syncing your orders with inventory data puts all of your most important information in one accessible place. View detailed reports on inventory, track how products are selling, and make your supply chain more efficient with accurate inventory forecasting.

More on on reporting and analysis

Integrate with top solutions

Ecommerce platforms

ShipBob works within your existing platform — BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more. No developer work is needed to get started.


ShipBob partners with shipping platforms such as ShipStation and Freightos in addition to USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL to optimise and lower your logistics costs. Bulk shipping discounts can make your rates even more affordable.


ShipBob lets merchants enhance their brand through custom packaging and inserts. Getting branded boxes or poly mailers through ShipBob partners Packlane and noissue helps create the perfect your unboxing experience for your customers.

Other ecommerce partners

From financing to marketing, see how ShipBob’s partner ecosystem can elevate your business.

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Use shipping to grow your business

Ecommerce customers expect quick, affordable shipping more than ever: 63% of consumers want delivery within three days, and higher than expected shipping costs are the number one reason customers abandon their carts. With ShipBob’s fulfilment services, ecommerce merchants can offer affordable 2-day shipping while reducing the costly administrative burden of fulfilment.

Increase AOV

2-day shipping doesn’t have to be costly: by partnering with a 3PL like ShipBob, you can actually make it a revenue-generator: Tutu brand iloveplum doubled their average order value and grew sales 267% year-over-year by partnering with ShipBob.

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Save time

By working with a 3PL, you save thousands of hours in manual labour. That effort can be reallocated into growing your online brand. San Diego-based sunglasses company Rainbow OPTX saved more than 120 weekly hours by partnering with ShipBob — and grew their business 115% in the process.

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Reduce cart abandonment

Offering fast shipping has an immediate impact on your conversion funnel: Weighted blanket company My Calm Blanket reduced abandoned carts by 18% after partnering with ShipBob.

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Grow your business

When you don’t have to spend time on fulfilment, you can focus on strategic tasks that help your business scale. Men’s grooming company BAKblade raised over $1.4 million through crowdfunding and partnered with ShipBob to fulfil rewards. Then, they grew 291% in under 3 years with ShipBob.

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Common fulfilment centre FAQs

What are shipping zones?

Shipping zones are used by couriers (such as USPS, Fedex, UPS) to measure the distance that a package has to travel. The more zones a package must cross to reach its destination, the longer the transit time and the greater the shipping cost.

Should I outsource fulfilment?

In-house fulfilment eats up more of your budget, time, attention, and patience as you scale your ecommerce business. Working with a fulfilment company enables you to focus on strategy — not packing boxes. Fulfilment is a bottleneck for many ecommerce merchants. Here are some signs you may have reached that stage:

  • Order volume is increasing and you are struggling to fulfil orders
  • Too much manpower is devoted to fulfilment logistics like pick/pack/ship
  • There is little space to store inventory (or walk around)
  • You want to improve conversion rates and offer better shipping options
  • You have no interest, time, money, or expertise to build a distribution infrastructure
  • You are using a single San Diego fulfilment/distribution centre or warehouse space and are overpaying for cross-country shipments

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