B2B Fulfilment:
Retail Distribution 

Our B2B fulfilment solution gets your products where they need to go, without the complex pricing structure and minimum contract requirements.

Our merchants get a dependable fulfilment partner that has the ability to comply with all retailer requirements while preventing costly chargebacks.

With ShipBob’s network of fulfilment centres across the United States, you never have to worry about outgrowing your supply chain or experiencing capacity issues during peak holiday season.

You can connect to over 100 retailers through seamless EDI integrations, allowing you to sell in more brick-and-mortar shops while ShipBob fulfils B2B orders for you.

ShipBob even has dedicated B2B sites in the US that are focused on supporting high-volume wholesale retail distribution merchants and are equipped with on-site B2B specialists to support operational excellence for all B2B order types.

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Turnkey EDI integration with your preferred retailers

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Get more time in your day to grow your business

Manual, paper-based B2B transactions take days to process. If you’re looking to ditch  switching between multiple tools and programs, ShipBob’s got you covered.

Leverage ShipBob’s automated retail distribution solution, powered by the leading EDI providers. With our partners, you’ll never outgrow your EDI solution, and can:

  • Comply with retailer requirements and prevent chargebacks.

  • Onboard new retailers in a matter of weeks instead of months.

  • Provide all stakeholders with end-to-end visibility.

  • Replace manual operations with more accurate, automated processes.

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A single source of truth for all your commerce channels

Conventional 3PL providers utilise out-of-the-box warehouse management systems that are expensive to implement, and have limited capabilities and customisation options.

ShipBob’s proprietary technology is different. With it, you receive:

  • An easy-to-use web-based platform

  • Endless capabilities and improvements

  • A single dashboard to manage inventory across all commerce channels

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Value Added Services

Dealing with retailers that require new or additional labelling? Looking to package multiple products together for a promotional special? Need help processing returns from retail dropshipping orders? Let ShipBob take the burden off of you through value-added services such as:

  • Kitting
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Re-boxing
  • Retail display assembly

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Retail distribution pricing, simplified

Overwhelmed by the complexity of B2B pricing? So were we. At ShipBob, we know how complicated EDI-enabled orders can be, which is why we are paving the way for transparent wholesale fulfilment pricing that is easy to understand.

  • No one-time or monthly EDI integration fees

  • No hidden compliance or hourly fees

  • No monthly platform or technology fees

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Learning to tailor our sales strategy, marketing, and packaging to each retailer’s requirements has been a challenge, but that’s where ShipBob really comes in handy. ShipBob is EDI-compliant with dozens of popular retailers, and their API integrations make it possible for them to fulfil orders according to each retailer’s compliance guidelines.

Aaron Patterson

COO of The Adventure Challenge

Fulfiling orders quickly through our site and marketplaces is a must-have, not a nice-to-have for our business. From the beginning, we knew that the early Chewy orders would need to go through our fulfilment partner — all of our retail distribution orders from Chewy go through ShipBob’s fulfilment centres today. Selling on marketplaces is challenging enough, and ShipBob’s ability to service both D2C and B2B has enabled us to build more consistent procedures and practices across our different sales channels.

Stephanie Lee

COO of PetLab

We eventually got into Target with one SKU but then quickly expanded to include nearly all of our 27 products. We have a very productive relationship with ShipBob and couldn’t be happier. They’ve been a great partner.

Dwight Lee

Co-Founder and COO of Hero Cosmetics

We’re currently fulfiling all of our B2B and DTC orders through ShipBob. It’s been a massive help to centralise and funnel everything through one reliable fulfilment partner, especially going into 2022.

Nathan Garrison

Co-Founder and CEO of Sharkbanz

Our fast-paced, quickly growing retail relationship with Dick’s Sporting Goods is not something we would have been confident about if we were still with our old fulfilment provider. We wouldn’t have said yes to this growth with Dick’s without the support and capabilities we’ve gotten from ShipBob. The ability to connect with Dick’s via EDI for seamless retail distribution with ShipBob fulfiling these orders has been instrumental for making this a success.

Courtney Trevino

VP of Finance and Ops at BRUCE BOLT

A little while ago, we transitioned to ShipBob’s automated retail distribution powered by EDI using their SPS Commerce integration, and it was a game-changer. I wish we had opted for it from the start, because it made our fulfilment a lot more seamless.

Nadine Joseph

Founder and CEO of Peak and Valley