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Efficient and accurate order fulfilment is critical to the success of ecommerce businesses. It’s not just about your ability to ship orders quickly and accurately, though. Shipping costs and delivery times are two of the most important factors that ecommerce customers will consider when deciding on a purchase. If your customers have to spend money for a delivery that will take a week, then you’ll see elevated cart abandonment rates and a diminished customer LTV.

The solution, then, is to speed up your delivery times and reduce shipping costs. But how can you do that? If you’re shipping from a Sacramento fulfilment centre but much of your customer base lives outside of California (say, on the East Coast), then it will be tough. There’s an alternative, though, called distributed inventory. 

What matters is the distance between your fulfilment centre and your customer, right? Well, with distributed inventory you store your products in multiple fulfilment centres in different regions. The distance between the fulfilment centre you are shipping from and the customer is reduced, costs go down, and delivery times speed up.

ShipBob is a 3PL that has pioneered this distributed inventory model, and our business partners have reaped the rewards: faster growth, and improvement in metrics like cart abandonment, AOV, and customer LTV. 

That’s not all we can do for your ecommerce business, though, keep reading and find out more. 

ShipBob helps Sacramento businesses

ShipBob has thousands of customers from all over the world. Take West Coast-based Kula Cloth.

“I was terrified to outsource fulfilment at first, but ShipBob has exceeded my expectations. My orders have more than tripled now that I’m able to spend more time looking at the big picture. I’ve had nothing but good interactions with the ShipBob — they are really an extension of my team. I can’t imagine my business without them.”

Anastasia Allison, Founder of Kula Cloth

Ecommerce order fulfilment in Sacramento

ShipBob has streamlined the onboarding process so that it only takes a few minutes to connect your store, with no coding knowledge required. After you sync your store with our platform, then you ship your products to our fulfilment centres and our implementation team walks you through everything you need.

The process runs smoothly from there. We take care of warehousing and receive notification when an order is placed at your store, the order is routed to a fulfilment centre in a nearby region, and our professionals prepare and ship the order. You get better rates and your customers get faster delivers ⁠— no Sacramento fulfilment centre necessary!

Now, let’s dig deeper into ShipBob’s retail fulfilment services. 

Inventory control and management

Ecommerce businesses often struggle to organise their inventory efficiently and maintain the proper inventory levels. With ShipBob, inventory control and management is a breeze. You can set reorder points and track stock levels in real-time so you always have enough product. 

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Oversight of outstanding orders

Quality order management is critical to ensuring that you don’t make fulfilment mistakes or under/overstock your inventory. ShipBob provides complete visibility into the order management process and lets you track orders in each stage of fulfilment, so you’re always in control.

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Advanced analytics

Partner with ShipBob and your order management and inventory management processes are centralised in one place: your ShipBob dashboard. We put this data to work, generating advanced reports and distribution metrics that provide critical insights to help you improve your business decision-making.

[More on on reporting and analysis] 

Choosing ShipBob for your Sacramento order fulfilment

Shipping can be a critical lever of growth, and the more cost-effective shipping you get with ShipBob can transform your business. When you partner with ShipBob and start offering better ecommerce shipping options, you’ll see the difference in your bottom line. 

Ship with better margins

Shorten your transit times and shipping zones to get better rates. With better rates, you can offer faster shipping options without taking a loss. Here’s an example: luxury bath brand Bathorium saw a 70% decrease in shipping rates after partnering with ShipBob, while boosting US growth by 20%. 

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Reduce labour costs

Fulfilment often eats up critical manpower and resources that could better be spent on other areas. Partner with ShipBob and you will free up a ton of energy and focus. Don’t take our word for it: sunglasses brand Rainbow OPTX became a client and immediately saved 120 weekly hours in manual labour.

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ShipBob’s ecommerce partnerships

There’s an app for all the different components that go into ecommerce fulfilment, and ShipBob integrates with many of the best, including: 

Ecommerce platforms:

Shipping partners:

Packaging solutions:

How to know it’s the right time to outsource order fulfilment

Many ecommerce businesses get bogged down in the logistics of fulfilment and develop inefficient in-house processes that struggle to keep up. A fulfilment company can remedy this, and make shipping and fulfilment a strength of your business. Here are a few ways that a 3PL can benefit you right now:

  • Enhance your shipping capacity: 3PLs have the infrastructure, manpower, and expertise to fulfil your orders no matter the volume.
  • Ship orders more efficiently and accurately: 3PLs can greatly benefit businesses with in-house fulfilment processes that are prone to errors or slowdowns.
  • Improve sales: the faster shipping options you get with a 3PL result in more conversions.

Learn more today to see if ShipBob would be a good fit for your business.

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