Connecting brands and consumers across all channels.

Leveraging a full suite of omnichannel capabilities, The Stable drives revenue and efficiency for brands through both retail and direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels. Backed by data, fueled by insights, and brought to life through world-class sales and operations, creative, digital, and patented technology, we build and execute strategies that acquire customers, create immersive experiences, and scale brands.

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Direct-to-Consumer Services

We empower DTC brands to acquire customers, deepen customer lifetime value (CLTV), and optimise online revenue through eCommerce strategy, UX/UI design, and website development.

Shopify Plus Website Development

Using the Shopify Plus platform and partner ecosystem, we combine custom software development with “off-the-shelf” SaaS technologies to facilitate long-term online growth for our brands.

Retail Services

We activate and scale brands in the world’s largest retailers including Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Meijer, and Amazon, with the goal of cross-channel domination.

Digital Marketing + Media Services

We drive brand awareness and conversions by finding the right shoppers on the right channels, including affiliate, email, SMS, social, influencer, SEO, PPC, and retail media.

Data + Analytics Services

We maximise sales opportunities and achieve measurable results across both retail and DTC channels through informed decisions backed by data and analytics.

Brand + Content Studio Services

We push new and existing brands beyond their boundaries by reimagining how brands connect, inspire, and change with the consumers of today and tomorrow.

When it came time for us to step up our game, the strategic approach The Stable, part of Accenture Song, created made it clear they were the right partner for us to invest in. Our new Pit Viper Collections Page by The Stable, part of Accenture Song, is the single largest improvement we’ve ever implemented on our site.

Chris Garcin

Co-Founder, Pit Viper

Partnering with The Stable, part of Accenture
Song, has been great for our business. The team
over there is awesome, smart, and extremely customer service-oriented. We’ve been stoked
on our partnership since day one and see it as
critical for us to unlock even more growth

Tom Montgomery

Co-Founder, Chubbies Shorts

ShipBob Partners

ShipBob + The Stable

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