Help customers re-order, try a subscription and stay loyal.

Growing an ecommerce business is hard. The challenge to turn one-time customers into repeat customers grows bigger, while time and budgets shrink. Meanwhile, external problems mount up – CAC is rising, competition is fierce and supply chains are under strain.

Relo is a repeat revenue platform for DTC brands built on a strategic alliance with Klaviyo, and the easiest way for customers to reorder, try a Recharge subscription and stay loyal.

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Get precise insights

No more guesswork. Know exactly when to target customers for reorders and upgrading to subscription. Relo analyses average order gaps across all orders.

Sync with Klaviyo

Building out customised flows is a headache. We’ve solved this by integrating with Klaviyo. Push data into your existing flows to save time and target more effectively.

Convert with Magic Cart

Convert more customers. Magic Cart is a 1-click smart cart that can be added to the CTA buttons of your flows for seamless shopping. It’s mobile first and personalised

Solve subscriptions

End CX admin nightmares and reduce subscription churn. Customers can manage their subscription account in 1-click, without the hassle of logging in.

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