Flawless customer support for your online store with Gorgias and ShipBob

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Rated the #1 helpdesk for Shopify merchants, Gorgias allows your customer service teams to manage all of your customer support in one place.

Sync your order and customer data directly from ShipBob to your Gorgias helpdesk in real-time, allowing your support team to know exactly where an order is at any stage of the fulfilment process.

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Easy integration

The integration can be installed from your Gorgias account with the help of Gorgias’ support team in just a few short clicks. Once synced, live data will integrate directly into your helpdesk.

Real-time order data

Connect your customer support team directly to detailed shipping and fulfilment data. Enable your team to answer tickets and kick off follow-up communications without leaving the Gorgias system.

Proactive automation

Don’t let delays impact shopper experience. With our Gorgias integration, you can automate customer alerts when orders are in exception or on hold to set expectations when an order is delayed.

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