Culture at ShipBob

Here, you’re not a number. No matter your role, you’ll make a significant impact in the growth and success of our customers. We also make time to get to know each other through monthly Town Halls, team building events, and volunteering opportunities. ShipBob is a place where you can grow, stay inspired, and build a career you’re proud of.


We work together with a common goal in mind.


We work hard in silence and allow success to do the talking.


We see only opportunities, never impossibilities.


After the hardest climb comes the best views.


It’s not just talk; it’s the way you work.

Our Culture

How we think about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We strive to build a workplace which is safe and accepting, not just through the policies but also through actions. We understand the importance of different perspectives, experiences, and characteristics, including race, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic background, and more.

We strive for equal opportunity across all levels of the organisation. This means providing opportunities based on merit and potential, and ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be heard. We want ShipBob to be a workplace that values and respects all people, where people have a sense of belonging regardless of their perspectives, experiences, and characteristics.

Our communities

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led groups formed on the basis of common identities, experiences, or backgrounds. They strive to raise awareness, provide support for positive workplace experiences, and create a safe space for employees by amplifying underrepresented voices and acknowledging social challenges. Our ERGs help foster an inclusive culture and create connections in and outside of ShipBob.

Women’s ERG

This ERG aims to foster an inclusive environment, discuss and create awareness around issues women face in the workplace, provide tools and resources for women to succeed in the workplace, and help coworkers who work with women be better equipped to support them.


This ERG provides educational opportunities and awareness on LGBTQIA experiences that happen in and out of the workplace, build a diverse community by providing opportunities to connect through personal and professional development initiatives, and create a positive, safe space for the Queer community and allies alike.

United ERG

This ERG is a welcoming and inclusive employee group, dedicated to focusing on improving visibility and celebrating our Black, Hispanic, and Latin team members of the ShipBob family.

Veterans ERG

This ERG is for any ShipBob team member who is a veteran as well as those who want to better understand and support this community.

Our Culture

The Culture Committee

The Culture Committee is a group of committed employee volunteers who represent various ShipBob teams to align and collaborate on ways to uphold and enhance our culture. Everyone at ShipBob is welcome to apply to join this group. The committee is involved in the planning of Town Halls and engagement activities, such as Halloween costume contests, ShipBob anniversary week, and other events in coordination with our ERGs.

Kelly Darling, Senior Merchant Success Manager

Within the success department, I have had opportunities to work on special projects to help our merchant experience. The ability to work cross-functionally with other teams, support beta projects, and participate in trainings & webinars have helped me learn and grow in our industry every day!

Shalabh Srivastava, Software Development Engineer III

At ShipBob, I’ve worked on a lot of projects that have pushed me to think beyond my limits. One of the features I’m most proud of is when we added 2-day shipping badges for our merchants’ Shopify stores. Shopify requires your system to be very performant. We were able to create a highly scalable system that can cater to a million requests per day using azure cloud infrastructure like azure functions, blob storage and service bus queues. The feature is now live for a lot of our Shopify merchants and has been influential in increasing their daily sales.

Jon Wilson, Business Development Representative – Mid Market

I appreciate the level of freedom and autonomy that we are given in our day-to-day tasks, as I prefer to have control over my outreach and my approach to sales. I like to try new things to see if they work, change things as I need to, and I like being responsible for my successes and my failures.

Brenda Torres, Administrative Assistant

I am most proud of learning how to work with various executives across the company. Each executive is very different, but I have learned so much from them on a personal and professional level. I am also very proud of participating in Hispanic Heritage Month and bringing to life the importance of celebrating in an inclusive way with our United ERG.

Smriti Singh, Software Development Engineer II

I have learned not just technical skills, but also leadership qualities. We are able to push our limits, learn from our mistakes and improve everyday. We are given liberty to take ownership of features we build, collaborate with various teams, and make tough decisions whenever needed. Everyone’s opinion and feedback is equally appreciated. Leadership fosters a collaborative and healthy environment to do our best work.

James Risos, Account Executive – Mid Market

Working at ShipBob has inspired & motivated me to wake up every morning. Working in a new market (Australia) has been really exciting. We are really helping local Aussie brands and giving them access to our ecosystem, operations and technology so that they too can grow and scale.

Our Leadership

Must-read books from ShipBob executives

Wondering what’s on the bookshelves of ShipBob’s senior leadership team? Dive into their curated collection of books that offer insights on business, relationship building, personal and professional growth, and more. Elevate your reading list with the books that helped our C-Suite unlock success and masterful leadership.

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