How iVYVERDURE Got Time Back For Growth by Outsourcing to ShipBob [Case Study]

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Learn how London-based skincare brand iVYVERDURE got time back to focus on growth by outsourcing fulfilment to ShipBob

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Customer Profile

Based in London, iVYVERDURE is a family-owned skincare business that focuses on organic, vegan, and environmentally-friendly products, priding themselves on creating a well-diversified and positive online community. With a carefully developed range of skincare products that always follow the motto, “Would we use this product ourselves?” the brand has been featured in UK online media including The Sun, Daily Mail, OK Magazine, and The Unedit. 

  • 2x sales growth over the last year
  • 50 countries shipped to 
  • <1 month ShipBob launch timeline


We all love our summer holidays. But as the temperatures soar, skin irritation can be a real nuisance. While visiting Singapore, iVYVERDURE founder Sara Moradi was unfortunately faced with an issue that many suffer — chafing. Unable to find a solution that worked, the idea for iVYVERDURE was born.

London-based Sara and her husband Amir set out on a journey to create a product that not only works, but is organic, environmentally-friendly, and skin-safe. After a year of intense research and product development, iVYVERDURE’s iRELIEF anti-chafing stick was launched.

With a background in ecommerce and marketing, the couple was quickly able to build up the business to the point where they have been able to consistently double sales over the last few years, launching a variety of products from anti-chafing sticks that prevent rubbing to self-tanners.

However, as sales grew, so did the time it’d take to pick, pack, and ship customer orders.

We sat down with iVYVERDURE co-founders, Sara Moradi and Amir Nizancevic to hear more about their growth and why they chose to partner with ShipBob for fulfilment.

Starting the hunt for the right fulfilment partner

As told by Sara Moradi & Amir Nizancevic, co-founders of iVYVERDURE.

When we started our business, we were shipping parcels from a spare bedroom in our home. We soon realised this wasn’t feasible for the long-term, so we moved to a storage location to continue picking and packing our orders. 

At the time, being featured in well-known publications such as Daily Mail, The Sun, OK, and The Unedit, was both a blessing and a curse. The sudden influx of orders meant we were spending every minute of the day making sure our customers got their orders quickly.

“The coverage we received in UK newspapers and online magazines was very welcomed. However, the amount of orders that we received in such a short space of time was huge. We were working non-stop for a week just to get the parcels out of the door.”

– Sara Moradi & Amir Nizancevic, Co-Founders of iVYVERDURE

That’s when the hunt for a fulfilment and shipping provider really started. We realised that if we were to continue growing the business, we needed the time back to focus on sales, marketing, and new product development.

There was a clear trade-off between growing our business and the time we were spending on picking and packing orders.

When we were speaking with fulfilment providers, the conversations that we had with ShipBob, and in particular with our contact with Sam, were great. He provided us not only with insights into the business and product capabilities, but also comfort about the level of support that we would receive.

“As a family-owned business, it was important to know that our fulfilment business would continue to be treated the same way as we treat it ourselves — and we definitely got that with ShipBob.”

– Sara Moradi & Amir Nizancevic, Co-Founders of iVYVERDURE

Getting started with a scalable partner

Having developed our business by taking on many aspects ourselves, including fulfilment, product development, marketing, and even accounting, we were apprehensive about letting go of the fulfilment reins.

However, we were pleasantly surprised by the ease of launching — from making the decision, to ship our first orders from ShipBob’s Birmingham fulfilment centre — the process took less than a month.

“The onboarding process has been really smooth. The dedicated account support from our Implementation Specialist, Sergio, and the rest of the team has been fantastic. The turnaround times, from the orders being received, to going out of the door, have been at the level exactly as was promised. The transition from doing everything ourselves to handing over to ShipBob has been very easy.”

– Sara Moradi & Amir Nizancevic, Co-Founders of iVYVERDURE

Prior to launching with ShipBob, we provided our initial volume estimates. On one of our very first weekends as a ShipBob customer, our total order volume was 3x higher than expected. We try our best to forecast accurately, but it can be way beyond our expectations. Turns out, it was no problem for ShipBob. 

When we have those crazy days or weeks of high sales, we now have comfort in knowing that ShipBob can handle those volumes. We’re really grateful for that level of partnership.

Maintaining customer experience while outsourcing

Customer experience and the online community we created remain core fundamentals to our business. From the products being developed, to the ability to reach our customers quickly, customer experience remains a priority for us.

With many orders placed by shoppers at the last minute, just before they jet off on their summer holidays, it remains critical that we are able to get all orders to customers in just a matter of days. 

The turnaround times by ShipBob have been amazing. For us, and our customers, being able to deliver these orders quickly is essential.

Having a global partner amid Brexit challenges

Prior to Brexit, approximately 20% of our sales were from international customers, shipping to over 50 countries globally. With the challenges that Brexit brought for a UK-based family-run business, those international sales dwindled. 

The ability to use ShipBob’s European and global fulfilment centres in the future is a big draw for us.

“As we grow our business, we know we have the support from ShipBob to grow beyond the UK. Since Brexit, like many small UK businesses, we’ve struggled with the challenges to maintain our international sales.

With new time back to focus on growth and ShipBob’s international footprint, we look forward to doubling down our international efforts.”

– Sara Moradi & Amir Nizancevic, Co-Founders of iVYVERDURE

What’s next for iVYVERDURE

Now that we have more time to spare, we’re investing more time in our product development. We have 2-3 new products already in the works to launch over the next year.

While our success to date has primarily been via our website, we are looking forward to bringing our unique products to a wider audience and growing sales across online channels like Amazon and a physical retail presence in the coming years. This is all safe in the knowledge that ShipBob can handle all our fulfilment needs.

“Fulfilment isn’t our forte, and we don’t want it to be. We want to focus on adding products and growing our online community. ShipBob is an amazing partner to our strengths.”

– Sara Moradi & Amir Nizancevic, Co-Founders of iVYVERDURE

iVYVERDURE’s team at ShipBob

Sam Ford

Sam is the Account Executive at who helped iVYVERDURE get onboarded with ShipBob.

Sergio Estevez

Sergio is is the Senior Implementation Manager who helped migrate iVYVERDURE from their in-house fulfilment solution.

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